100th Post Celebration

This is the 100th post. How excited is everyone? Woo-hoo, it’s time to party! I am happy that most of you have stuck with me, kept on commenting, and more importantly kept on reading.

Anyone have suggestions? What would you like to see me do? Who all is reading this? It’s fun to know that there are a few random folks out there reading my site.

I figure I will put up an embarrassing picture of myself for your entertainment.

12 thoughts on “100th Post Celebration


    If you ever post another picture of yourself in your underwear again, I will stop reading your blog. Forever and ever.

    I did not need to see that.

    (Greg goes to look at something else in an attempt to erase the image from his mind)

  2. That has to be the funniest picture of you I have ever seen, but seriously, why would you put it on the web??? argh!!

  3. wow, argh seems like the popular response. i may have to write another post, just so this one disappears from the top. haha.

    and why wouldn’t i put it on the web? i really have no shame. by the way, who is this anonymous person?

  4. anonymous says: at least clean up your room before you take the picture. your dirty socks go in the hamper not in the middle of the floor.i thought i taught you better than that. guess who?

  5. so yeah, lots of love about the picture.

    at least i am finding out who all reads. people who have commented about it outside of the comment board:

    PatP, Marie, Zig, Magus…i like zig’s the best, he says i should have the superman theme playing as that picture is up.

    Mom…sorry, next time kacie takes a random picture of me in my underwear, I will be sure to clean up my room.

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