24: 1:00 pm.-3:00 p.m.

Only one freakin’ kill from Jack, yet again. This is getting ridiculous. He better go on a rampage and start killing a whole shit ton of people.

Morris gets his ass beaten and then a drill shoved through his shoulder before he gives in and helps reprogram the nukes. Jack comes to the rescue, but not before Fayad gets away and leaves one nuke to go off. Jack diffuses the bomb, but is very upset with Morris.

Jack’s father is really evil, now using his grandson as a hostage. Also, why do they bother letting tech people into the field. They always come very close to dying. Why do people never say anything they should, for example why wouldn’t Josh’s mom just say to Jack, “your father just threatened to kill Josh if we do not go to a different address.” Then he could make some calls and fake everything. Makes more sense to me.

Anyways, the episode was not all that good for 2 hours. I mean c’mon, Jack being questioned about his brother’s death. He was responsible for the death of the president! Who cares about the shithead.

Next week, his kill count will be 2.