24: 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Well I was right! Jack killed two!!!

Jack rescues Marilyn and Milo (who took a bullet, he should get head for that). He questions Marilyn and she admits that it was Jack’s father and that he had threatened to kill Josh.

Morris feels like crap about not being a hero like Milo. He goes out and buys a bottle of liquor and starts to chug, but then dumps it out. Turns out he is a recovering alcoholic. Chloe and Milo figure it out, but they believe him when he says he spit it out. He basically realizes that he can wallow in self-pity or he can suck it up and get back to work.

Jack gets Josh back, and plans on allowing his father to put a bullet in his head. He tells his dad how he did not turn his back on the family, but that he never thought he was good enough or some crap like that. He keeps waiting for his dad to shoot him, but it never comes. He looks and his dad has taken off. Outside is a cell phone, it says a number for Jack to call. He calls it and the person on the other end is none other than ex-President Charles Logan. He knows where Gradenko is, or at least he said something about it.

Pretty good episode I thought, I hope Jack kills Logan though. Next week, I say 1 kill.