24: 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Jack did not kill anyone. He even allowed Logan to help them with the whole Gradenko situation. Normally Jack would have tortured Logan into making him call the Russian Consulate and get the information that way. Apparently Logan is doing all this for altruistic reasons, I guess some sort of redemption.

The other fun thing in the episode was Jack and Marilyn having some nice sexy eyes time. Jack is pretty pimp, he has Audrey somewhere still in love with him, he is working on his evil brother’s wife, plus he has that lady from last season who he was shacking up with. At least we know being tortured does not affect Jack’s game.

The worst story so far has been the attempted assassination of the President. Tom is locked away in some room, inside a bunker, which has no monitoring equipment. The Secret Service must really suck. I hope Wayne Palmer is okay, and that Assad or whatever his name, is still alive and they can track down Chad Lowe and have him beheaded.

Next week Jack will kill 0. He is breaking into the Russian Consulate and well he knows he cannot kill anyone or war will probably be started. He has good luck with that kind of stuff though.

3 thoughts on “24: 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

  1. the whole presidential assassination thing doesnt make any sense to me. usually assassinations, especially presidential ones, take a while to set up, let alone be deemed necessary. how long have the terrorist attacks been going on? a couple of months maybe? that doesnt seem like enough time to properly gauge whether or not the presidents decision making abilities are valid. oh well. i dont write for the show.

    i buy the whole prez logan wanting redemtion angle, if only because everyone cant have a hidden agenda.

    i also like the whole jack/marilyn attraction, if only because it has to be skeeving josh out (thats josh the kid). i wish the camera would pan to him more when theyre having their eye-sex sessions. just thinking about my mom and uncle looking at each other like that is givin’ me the willies.

    oh, and assad better be alive. he’s my mvp so far this season.

  2. greg…yeah, jack is such a patriot that he is not afraid of starting WWIII with russia and china, in order to stop terrorists. seems like a bit of a catch-22.

    gideon…doesn’t this show also seem to be silly about the whole way the president and his underlings interact? any time one of them disagrees with the prez, that individual feels he/she must resign. or when they are all having an argument, and someone will call the prez by his real name, someone (or the prez) will be like “I am the President of the United State of America, you will call me by my title out of respect.” if gw bush said that, i am sure Cheaney would be like “look, george, you can blow me son.”

    and yeah, Wayne has been prez for a short while and is already having assassination attempts. obviously this is not a time where art reflects life. george w. was smart when he made his VP someone crazy like Cheaney, he know no one would try to kill him.

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