Comic Book Movie Grades

If you noticed in the Ghost Rider post, I did an overall grade of the movie. I figured I should grade some of the others, just so you know my stance.

Spider-Man: A+
Spider-Man 2: A+
X-Men: A
X2: A+
X3: A-
Blade: B-
Blade II: B
Blade: Trinity: B+
Daredevil: B-
Elektra: C
Fantastic Four: C+
Incredible Hulk: D
Punisher: C+
Catwoman: F
Constantine: C
Batman: B
Batman Returns: B-
Batman Forever: C
Batman and Robin: D-
Batman Begins: A
Superman: B+
Superman II: B
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut: B+
Superman III: D
Superman IV: F
Superman Returns: A-
Hellboy: B-
Sin City: A+
Road to Perdition: A
Judge Dredd: F
V For Vendetta: A-
A History of Violence: B-
The Crow: B
From Hell: B
Howard the Duck: D+
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: D
Man-Thing: F
Spawn: C

I may have forgotten a few movies, obviously this is not every comic movie ever made, but this is all I can think of right now. Let me know of others, or how you feel about some of the grades.

12 thoughts on “Comic Book Movie Grades

  1. Offord:

    I don’t know what kind of silly system you used, but Batman Begins ranked higher than the original?? There would be no Batman, and perhaps successful comic book, franchise without it (in my humble opinion).

    Road to Perdition was a comic??

    Some others: Punisher, Dick Tracy?, The Phantom, Hulk, the one with the black guy that i cant quite remember the name of, V for Vendetta, etc.

    Random thought, I’m watching Heroes right now and Ted the Fireball looks a lot like the caveman from the Geico commercials…

  2. Offord: yes, i like batman begins more than the original batman. i have watched both many times, the original batman was good, but rewatching it, i have noticed that it was kind of cheesy. Jack did a good job, but i think he missed out on the core of the joker. the joker should scare the piss out of you, he is not funny. he should bring out every irrational fear that a person has. and he finds it to be freakin’ hilarious.

    yes, road to perdition was a comic. not all comic book movies have superheroes.

    and yeah i forgot a few movies,i will add them as people remind me.

  3. Offord:

    How excited are you about 300? I remember looking through your book while Jes Claar was rubbing my head repeatedly for like an hour…Looked awesome and when you told me it was gonna be a movie I was excited because I liked Sin City so much, but after seeing the trailers my excitement level went up like 10 levels…I don’t really have a scale so I don’t know how much that is, but it’s a lot.

    btw, in the trailer when they say something like ‘our arrows will blot out the sky’ and the long haired guy says ‘then we will fight in the shade,’ does he not look exactly like Colin Farrell? I was giddy when I saw that and quickly looked it up on imdb and noticed he isnt in the movie and was disappointed bc he just seemed like the perfect fit for that…I don’t even really like Colin, but he has his moments.

    Can I comment on Heroes yet?

  4. I cannot believe excited i am for 300, and it amazes me how so many other people who do not read comics are excited for it. AdamMc went out and bought the comic.

    Yeah Colin has his moments, I like him alotta stuff, but hate him other things. That part in the preview, first time i saw it, gave me chills.

    yeah you can post on heroes.

  5. I agree with most of your grades, if not the specific grade exactly, then at least the distinction between whats good and whats bad. some thing i disagreed with:
    – i though blade trinity was the worst of the 3.
    – i though the hulk was pretty good; definitely better than anything you gave a c to.
    – sin city should get an A++ and man thing should get an F-.
    – though its not on this list you mentioned it in a previous post: ghost rider blew. in too many ways for me to list right now. the absurdity of the plot could have been overlooked if the action was halfway decent, which it wasnt. it was like bloodsport: tons of buildup, then the actual fight lasts 3 seconds. boo.

    on a side note, offord gets a boo as well for pointing out forgotten movies that are already on the list. and that movie with the black guy that you forgot the name of? that was no holds barred. i swear.

  6. Gideon…i think the movie offord was thinking of was Meteor Man, which is not really based on a comicbook.

    i thought the hulk was slow, and the ending was terrible. they ruined the use of absorbing man, by throwing in the idea that it was his father.

    i agree with sin city. i think 300 will probably surpass it though (that is personal opinion, since i liked the comic 300 better than sin city.)

    i think offord put those up before i updated the list.

    i am up in the air about the blade movies, i love all of them, so maybe i should give them all B+s, i did not think they were up to spiderman caliber, but still good enjoyable movies.

    man-thing and catwoman need to battle it out for worst comic book movie of all time. at least man-thing knew it was gonna suck…

    for me, ghost rider was what i thought it would be. plus i have only seen it once, the other movies i have seen multiple times (except for catwoman and manthing), so once i watch it a few times, i may really start to hate it or love it. I was that way about hulk, at first i really liked it, then i rewatched it a few times, and it just bores the hell out of me and makes me angry that Ang Lee (one of the finest directors out there) could do such a shitty job one of my favorite characters (also, maybe why i am overly critical of hulk and DD, they are some of my faves, whereas ghost rider has never really interested me that much.)

  7. Offord:

    I didnt bring up movies that were already on the list dumbass, he changed the list after i said them. And the ‘black guy’ movie i meant was spawn, which he also added to the list.

    gideon youre not a dumbass, i regret ever saying it, i wish i could take it back.

  8. duly noted. then josh gets a double boo for forgetting hulk in the first place. with a hiss on the side.

    sorry for ever doubting your offordness, j-dog.

  9. gideon, after rethinking my hulk stance and looking at it from another point of view (if i had to choose between watching the hulk over any of the other D movies on my list) i decided that i would almost always choose hulk. i did not think about how much i actually loved the CGI of the hulk (which, the other day i popped the dvd in to watch a few scenes) and i will update it’s grade. Maybe a D+ or C-, not 100% sure.

    i guess i was not being unbiased about the film, which a grading system needs to be a bit unbiased or it really does not mean anything.

    and in my defense, i wrote this post while at eatnpark with kacie and karen. it took like 10 minutes, and i planned on going home and thinking more about it. unfortunately i never got around to it and then the comments started being made. wikipedia has a nice list of comic book movies, and hopefully someday i will own all of them…

    this list and it’s grades are not set in stone. with careful thought, some grades may change (if they do i will explain my reasoning in some way.)

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