Heroes Part Fifteen

No Peter??? What the hell was up with that? Anyways, this was a pretty decent episode, especially that we now have a connection between Jessica and the rest of the heroes.

Matt takes a job guarding Malsky, which he thinks should be easy, but Malsky believes he may need a guy who can use a gun. Turns out that when Malsky quit working for Linderman he stole a ton of money and now wants to buy some diamonds. Linderman has hired Jessica to kill Malsky. Luckily for Matt he can hear people’s thoughts. He can hear her coming and is able to get the drop on her, unfortunately she can break out of her cuffs and kill Malsky anyways.

Claire’s mom goes to the hospital and it turns out she is having severe memory loss. Claire is not very happy with her father. She leaves and goes to see Meredith, who had already made a deal for $100K with Nathan to keep quiet. I love that Meredith tells Claire that her dad will give them $50K and that they will split it. What a bitch. Claire leaves and Nathan shows up, but she thinks he does not care about her because she listened in on his and Meredith’s conversation.

When Claire goes home, her mom is yelling at the crazy dog. She does not remember having a dog, or who Claire is. Way to go Mr. Bennett, you have completely fried your wife’s mind. She was probably a nuclear engineer once.

Mohinder is having no luck getting ahold of people, but then Zane calls him and wants Mohinder’s help. Zane opens the door and Syler is standing there. When Mohinder comes to the house, Syler is there and he now has Zane’s power. Zane’s power is pretty crazy, it seems like he can melt objects, or at least metal. Mohinder and Syler are going to team up and track down other heroes, way to go Mohinder.

I loved the ending, Matt decides to pocket the diamonds because the cop was thinking about how Matt was such a loser. Good for Matt.

Hiro and Ando meet a dancer who wants them to get her bag from her boyfriend’s room. Ando is all about it, since she is pretty hot. They get the bag, but it turns out that the chick was using them. Hiro confronts her and ends up getting locked in a closet. Ando and the chick (Hope is her name) leave, and then Ando gets arrested by the Nevada gaming commission. The guy they stole the bag from is from the NGC.

Well let me know what ya thought of it.