Heroes Part Fourteen

This episode starts out with Claude (which is not his name, I hope most people realize that the original Invisible Man was named Claude Rains, but I will call him this since other online things have used that name for him) and Peter. Claude is giving him all his wisdom, which pretty much involves stealing stuff. He does have some fun with Peter by leaving him with some ladies purse and then just walking away. Peter kind of freezes and looks like a deer in the headlights.

Mr. Bennett comes to see Sylar’s body and when he goes inside, he learns that his doctor is dead, and then Sylar attacks him and leaves him locked in his cell. He takes Mr. Bennett’s wallet and now knows where Claire lives.

Claire and Zak convince Claire’s mom to let them go to Lubbock Aquarium to see a manatee, which she agrees, but in reality they are going to Kermit to see Claire’s real mom. They get to Kermit and Claire’s mom lives in a trailer park. Her and Claire talk for a bit, then Claire explains that she has to show her something. She cuts herself and then heals, Meredith does not freak out, but instead shows Claire that she can create fire. She then says “some family.” So dad has powers too?

Hiro’s dad is not too impressed with his son’s destiny. He wants him to come home and become a VP in the company. Hiro cannot abandon his destiny. All Ando can really say is that Hiro’s sister is hot. Hiro finally agrees to take the position and then proves he is incompetent compared to his sister, who Daddy Hiro finally realizes should be the heir to the company.

Simone visits Isaac, and learns that he is searching for Peter. He has drawn some odd pictures, especially one of the city destroyed, but most of them focus on the building where her dad lived, also where Claude feeds the pigeons.

Claude tries to convince Peter that he needs to let go of his feelings for people, that he needs to realize that people suck. They follow Simone and see her almost kissing Isaac. Claude and he go up to the roof and have an argument, but then Claude grabs him and throws him off the roof. Peter lands on the roof of a cab and is impaled. He pulls the metal out and starts to heal. Claude comes down and says that well he did not fly, but at least he used a different power. Peter realizes that he used Claire’s power because he thought of her before he hit the ground. He then has another vision of the future and starts to freak out, so Claude knocks him out.

Sylar goes over to Mr. Bennett’s house and talks to his wife and the idiot dog from hell. She wants him to stay for dinner and they talk about Claire. Syler keeps saying how she is special and well that freaks the old lady out, then he uses his telekinesis to smash the phone and slam her into a cabinet. He goes in for the kill, but Mr. B shows up with the Haitian and Sylar barely escapes. If only he could have killed the dog. Claire’s mom gets her mind wiped, yet again, and is pissed because Claire skipped school. Mr. Bennett needs to be more careful, seriously, if Arnold from True Lies could get away with being a spy for so long, then so can Mr.B.

Linderman has it so that Niki is released from prison. She goes home, but guess what? It’s Jessica, Niki is trapped in the mirror or something. Still worthless.

Isaac calls Mr. Bennett and says he thinks Peter may be invisible, since he just painted him by a taxi cab, but half of him is clear. Mr. Bennett says that an old friend may not be dead then. Hmmm, Claude and Mr. Bennett, interesting.

Meredith calls Claire’s real father and says that “our daughter knows about me.” The man on the other end is…Nathan! It looks like Ryan was right the other night and I was obviously wrong. The question I have seen bouncing around the internet is whether Nathan knew about Claire being alive, or that he believed her to be dead. I think from his reaction he thought she was dead. Also, remember when Mr. Bennett captured him, they did not know each other. Follow me for a second, if Mr. Bennett took Nathan’s child, which Nathan could have been worried about a child out of wedlock hurting his political chances, then he may have been willing to give the child up, or have it killed.

Okay, so that is a horrible theory, I do not believe that Mr. Bennett knows that Nathan is the father.

Anyways, in next weeks episode we see someone getting tossed out a window. I really hope since they eliminated Mohinder and Matt this week that they replace Jessica next week. We do see Mohinder and Sylar working together to find more people from the list, that can’t be good.

Let me know what you think, I promise I will answer comments this week, since I am not nearly as busy.

7 thoughts on “Heroes Part Fourteen

  1. Offord…

    A couple things:

    Jessica was shown on the preview for next week’s episode kicking some ass with Matt, looking really hot. So I guess she’s going to finally enter the story line, but the preview hinted they will be on the side of evil or something.

    Claire’s mom is hot…for a mom.

    Is it just me or is Peter starting to remind us of Anakin? He has been getting progressively darker as time goes on.

    Nathan as Claire’s father was fairly predictable, I remember Ryan saying it might be him and I wasn’t really surprised to see it.

    Why do you think Linderman let J/N out?

    I guess that’s it for now…I’m busy with school crap…

  2. I could’ve sworn that the guy who flew out the window in the preview for next week’s show was Matt Parkman. Am I wrong?

    Linderman did definately let Jessica/Nikki out. The portly gentleman who appeared in her cell was the same guy who we saw in an earlier episode as Linderman’s spokesman.

  3. Offord…i would imagine letting niki out allows linderman to control DL just a little bit more. also, he obviously knows about the different powers, why else would he have the sword, or set niki up with nathan? or buy isaac’s paintings, this is more than coincidence.

    i don’t think peter is going to turn to the dark side or anything, but he is frustrated. he wants to help people, but it turns out that he is the one who will hurt them the most. he should keep in mind though, future hiro knows him in the future, and that probably means peter did not destroy NYC. the heroes have to avert this somehow.

    Greg…i thought it was matt too, but who knows.

    In other comics where a character is an empath, they generally seem to be loners and also a bit moody. i would give examples, but i do not think any of you read comics, so it would be a wasted reference, haha.

  4. greg u are right it is matt being thrown out the window…as to the father i was wrong in my guess last week…i thought it was Mr. Bennett, mainly because of how shady and how deceitful he has proven to be…we also see him actually erasing his wife’s latest memories with the hatian…idk i just felt like commenting bout that…

    as for peter..i do agree with u josh, i would like to kno what ur comic book references would be…one i would maybe compare him to showing similarities in his quest to help others but also being a loner would be Peter Parker and having issues dealing with and learning to control his powers.

    Speaking of which i like how his “new friend” helps him and throws him off the building i thought that was pretty cool…

    side note: josh id like to hear ur thoughts bout Pan’s Labyrinth i just saw it tonite…wow it was pretty good…

  5. morpheus…there is a character in Rising Stars who is an empath, also in hunter/killer the main character is an empath.

    rogue is probably the best case of an empath. she is a loner, even though she works with the x-men, she has troubles showing the rest of them her true self…

  6. Zig sent me this message the other day, and i figured i would post it to show my errors.

    Zig: the character name of the Invisible man is John Griffin, Claude Rains played “Jack Griffin” in the Universal Studios version of the book by H.G. Wells. Another note about the Invisible Man, when I read the book supposedly he gained a superior strength, but it’s not clear if it’s from him going insane (adrenaline) or a side effect of the formula/medicine he uses. Anyways I thought you might find that info useful/interesting. Later Josh.

  7. Was anyone else amazed at the power of Mr. Bennets gun? It blew Sylar across the room! A pistol!? Its gotta be from the future or something. Maybe thats what his power is. Maybe Mr. Bennet is actually the Punisher, or Cable.

    And why is Niki in a mirror? I’m finding it harder and harder to defend her and her family’s presence on this show. I’d still give it to her though…

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