Heroes Part Seventeen

This may have been my favorite episode so far. It was all about Claire and her father. We learned many little things about the mysterious Mr. Bennett.

The episode starts with Teddy and Matt breaking into the Bennett house and being surprised by the return of the family. We then pick up where we left off last week, with those two holding the family hostage. Matt is against the entire thing, he does not want to endanger the family.

When they begin to question Mr.B, he starts thinking about his beginnings with the Company. His boss, Thompson, is the great B-movie actor Eric Roberts (I guess Lorenzo Lamas was busy) and he is telling Mr.B how his front will be the head of PrimaTech Paper. He also will have a partner who is one of them. It turns out to be Claude, which explains how Claude knew so much about Mr.B.

Turns out Teddy is a bit unstable, and will kill everyone if Mr.B does not give them a cure. Claire says “He’s not a paper salesman.” Which Teddy responds with “I guess she’s not Daddy’s little girl anymore.” I really liked that line, lots of emotion during these scenes.

We then see Claude, Mr.B, and Thompson outside of a burned down house. There is Hiro’s dad holding a small baby, he tells Mr.B in Japanese, that Mr.B will be taking the girl and raising her, and if her powers ever manifest he must turn her over to the company. We also get to see a young Hiro playing Gameboy (I am sure Gideon will know what game it was).

Matt tries to read Mr.B’s mind, but Mr.B is thinking in Japanese, very clever. Ted gets pissed and goes to shoot Mr.B’s wife, but Mr.B and Claire both keep thinking to Matt that Matt should shoot Claire, which he does. Matt and Mr. B begin to work together in order to calm Ted down, since Matt realized that Teddy is willing to kill everyone for revenge, not for the truth. The take Claire upstairs and she heals, Mr.B explains that he has been protecting Claire. If his employers found out about her gift she would be taken. Matt says he is telling the truth.

This is where we first see the Haitian. Mr.B says his wife stumbled upon his gun and his sedation kit. Thompson says she will have to be dealt with and it seems Mr.B is willing to allow that. Turns out that Thompson has a Haitian boy who can erase memories and who is mute. He said he drew a picture of himself pulling memories out of peoples minds. Thompson said he wanted to put in on his fridge.

Matt and Mr.B go to PrimaTech in order to get information for Teddy. Claire tries to rescue her mom and brother, but fails. Teddy has her and her mother tied up (Lyle got away). At PrimaTech they meet up with the Haitian, and Mr.B is upset that he did not erase Claire’s memory, but it turns out that he was under orders from someone else in Claire’s life.

We then have another flashback of when Mr.B had to shoot Claude for hiding one of gifted people. Turns out Claude did not like experimenting on his own people. Mr.B shoots him twice and Claude falls off a bridge turning invisible, explains how he was able to get away from the Company.

As Matt and Mr.B come back, Teddy is getting very antsy, the Haitian comes in and releases Claire and her mom. Mr.B gives Teddy a folder, which has information about Teddy’s powers. Mr.B explains that he does not have a cure, nor did he make them this way. Just then Thompson walks in and shoots Teddy, whose powers go haywire.

Everyone clears out of the house, but Mr.B is trying to give Teddy a tranquilizer. Claire runs back in and takes the tranq from her dad and administers it to Teddy. When Claire walks out of the house, her skin is melted, but starting to grow back. Thompson sees this, and Mr.B has to act surprised.

Back at PrimaTech, Mr.B and Thompson discuss how the Haitian was hiding Claire’s powers. Thompson says it will be a shame to have to kill a second partner. He then wants to know when Mr.B will bring Claire in, and he responds that he will bring her in right now. They then discuss Matt. Thompson says he would make a good partner, since you could not lie around him. So maybe Matt will have a job when they wake him up.

We then see a nice scene of Mr.Bennett and Claire picking out glasses. He finally needs them, and she wants to know if she will need them. This is when he tells her she was adopted. When he finally puts on the horned-rim glasses we have all come to love, he asks Claire how he looks and she says “Like my dad.” Awe.

Mr.B is taking Claire down the same bridge where he shot Claude. He does not know what will happen to her or when they will see each other again. When they get out, the Haitian is there. He shoots Mr.B in the stomach, in a place where he can survive, and then erases her mind. Looks like the Haitian and Claire will be a fun team, probably going to NYC to see Uncle Peter.

It seems that Hiro’s father is more important than some of you speculated. He is up there in the Company. No I do not think the Company equals the company that Hiro and Ando work for. This is some shadow group, like the Bildeburg’s or whatever. Maybe the TriLateral Commission. Or hell, the Illuminati.

Also, we have learned that Mr.B is not evil. He was protecting his daughter all along. I bet if I go back through the posts I can find which people thought that and which of you did not.

I also would like to say the use of B&W for the flashback scenes was great, reminded me of American History X, without the anal rape.

Let’s hear what you thought!

9 thoughts on “Heroes Part Seventeen

  1. Offord:

    I thought it was a good episode, but I thought the production values were kind of low. Plotwise, it was a great episode, but I just had a sense sometimes that it wasnt flowing well. The scene where Thompson came in and shot Ted was a little weird and scattered. The whole scene at the beginning took way too long, 20 minutes could have easily been summed up in 5, maybe that’s because they had to fill a whole episode with just this storyline…

    On the other hand, the creators manage to throw even more at us which I love. Sulu is going to be in this more, which is awesome. Everytime I see him I think of the Family Guy where Sulu is on and comes up in random places saying “hellooooo”…

    Anyways, I look forward to hearing from all the other Heroes next week, especially Hiro finally getting his sword 🙂

  2. The ending was a little weird to follow. Plus if Teddy is giving off radiation, wouldn’t everyone be getting cancer, except Claire. Or will they explain that with more pills.

    Plus the FX were a little weird at the end. it seemed liked he was flashing and making weird sounds, but then again,i doubt heroes has the budget for super FX, so i can overlook that.

    I didn’t think the beginning was that long. 20 minutes is half the episode. they are only like 42 minutes long, or 46, can’t remember. i guess i need to know what you are considering the beginning.

  3. Anonymous poster #1, you’re crazy – this was the best episode of heroes so far. I’m going to go along making comments as I read – sorry if this seems disjointed.

    Mr. Bennett’s reaction to Claude at the beginning should tell everyone once and for all that Mr. Bennett does not have any ability.

    The revelation of Hiro’s dad’s involvement brings up many questions: Does he know about Hiro’s ability? Is Hiro adopted? Is Mr.Nakamura the top dog? What is the intent and purpose of The Company?

    The interaction between (very smart) Mr. Bennett and Matt via telepathy was GREAT. (right hook coming! right hook!) I love the way Mr. Bennett is being portrayed. His freaking power is wit.

    And so it seems that the Haitian has been pretending to be mute for a VERY long time. Interesting. And who else “in Claire’s life” was the Haitian under orders from?

    I’ll bet Claude never fell off that bridge. I’ll bet he was smart enough to wear a vest under his clothing. If he thought he was in real danger, he’d have turned invisible much earlier.

    And what kind of an idiot is Thompson, shooting Ted? Hw should know better. As far as Eric Roberts, he was in Best of the Best with the great Phillip Rhee, so he’s not all bad. That was a great movie.

    Looks like Matt will be Bennett’s new partner, eh? That should be interesting. And how much of Bennett’s memory got erased? My guess is everything about him knowing that Claire had powers, which also means he won’t remember wiping Zack or his son, and likely won’t remember Sylar. He said “go deep”, and that sounds pretty deep to me. But is that deep enough? He still loves his Claire-bear, as the writers did such a great job of conveying in this episode. He’ll want to go after her if he doesn’t remember why he let her go. So maybe the Haitian had to go even deeper than that. Maybe he had to erase the memories that created Bennett’s feelings for Claire. Wouldn’t that be something?

    If Ted was giving off that much radiation, I’d think that Bennett and probably Matt would have more than the radiation burns we saw them with – I’d think they’d have radiation poisoning, be losing hair, and vomiting constantly. Although I suppose that would have a lot to do with what portions of the spectrum he was emitting. I guess there wasn’t too much Gamma radiation, maybe more microwaves. In any event it certainly wouldn’t give them cancer – radiation kills cancer.

    And Ngewo, next time, let’s try to see if we can keep the words “anal rape” out of our blog entries, eh? 😉

  4. i’m surprised no one else seems as irate about the blatant plagarism in this episode. i mean, if youre gonna bite a scene from a movie, at least choose one that didnt come out like 8 months ago. one that probably youre entire target demographic already saw. lazy.

    on a side note, my roomie and i this week had a debate on whether or not claires healing abilities has any effect on her “cycles”. i mean, does her power work via her nervous system, or is it some physiological response to bodily problems, ie. bleeding. even if said bleeding is a normal bodily function? this debate waged on for a while, well into the white rapper show, and i had to end it when the subject came up as to whether her healing would fix any stretching done to her rectum due to prolonged anal intercourse…

    ok, a little off topic. great episode!

  5. you seriously didnt see the parallels between claires injection of ted and the ending of X3? perhaps parallel is too soft a word; ITS THE SAME DANG SCENE.

  6. oh, haha, yeah i didn’t think about it. but anyways, it is pretty much the same scene. i was trying to think of movies that had a similar story all throughout, and could not come up with any (actually i thought you meant departed, since claude and mr.b both kind of betray their bosses and have to be dealt, with, but i really could not think of too many similarities between this ep. and that movie, haha)

    i also wondered if everytime she gets a haircut does her hair automatically grow back? if so, does her body have a sense of exactly how long it should be?

    the whole period thing is something the writers of wolverine have never had to deal with, but maybe they do in X-23 (a female clone of wolvie).

  7. Offord:

    Greg I didnt say it was a bad episode or even not the best episode, I was just saying some of the scenes seemed to have been shot badly, especially Eric Roberts shooting Ted. Anyways, I did notice the strong correlation with Wolverine and Pheonix there, but it was such an awesome scene in X3 that I was willing to accept it to bring back the memories. Claire is no wolverine, but she still kicks some ass. At least she finally got to do some action stuff that she has been begging for.

  8. let me think, wolverine or claire:

    wolverine: grumpy, hairy, has giant metal claws, also since he is metal, he probably weighs 500 lbs.

    claire: sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy…

    i think i will take claire any day of the week.

    and by take, i mean have sex with for those of you who did not know what i meant.

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