Heroes Part Sixteen

Wow, what a great episode!

The episode starts out with Ted Sprague meeting some chick who has the power to read electronic signals. She can access computers, the internet, whatever else I guess. I wonder if this is one of those powers that the writers have not thought out fully. She is probably more powerful than they thought.

She explains to Ted that she knows who did this to them. Her and Ted will find them and make them pay.

Matt’s wife finds a diamond ring in the drawer and thinks it is a gift for her. Matt gives it to her, but that turns out pretty bad. She takes it to get resized and then finds out that it is worth $40,000. She wants the truth from Matt, and he gives it to her. She immediately wants him to give the diamonds back. He agrees, but then gets a phone call about meeting someone.

He arrives at a cemetery and finds Teddy and the chick there. They explain about Primatech and how they track people using radio-isotopes or something. Teddy wants Matt to join so they can make sure Mr. Bennett is telling the truth.

Peter is getting his ass beaten by Claude (who is pretty good with a staff if I do say so myself), and Claude is constantly taunting him to use another power. Peter finally taps into Syler’s telekinesis and stops the staff from hitting him. The talk for awhile about birds and whatnot, and then Claude gets shot with a taser. We see Mr. Bennett and the Haitian wearing infrared goggles and they shoot at Peter, he stops the darts with his mind, then grabs Claude and tosses him off the roof. He jumps, catches Claude, and flies away from the building.

Back at Peter’s place, Claude gets pissed and says that Peter led them to him. Peter does not know who they are. Claude shows Peter the marks on his neck, and then figures out that it must be Isaac who is in contact with Mr. Bennett. Claude is angry and leaves Peter.

Hiro is saved from the closet by a guy from the Nevada Gaming Commission. The NGC Dude is looking for Hope. Hiro says he can help him because he has to find Ando. The NGC Dude tells Hiro that is bad to have a partner because you only end up with their blood on your hands.

Hope and Ando stop at a bus stop, and Ando tries to help her with the bag, but it rips open and there are tons of chips inside. She pulls a gun on him, but Hiro and NGC Dude show up. There is a shoot out, Ando gets hit in the arm, and Hiro & Ando decide to hide in the luggage compartment of a bus. Hope comes over to shoot Ando, and as she pulls the trigger, Hiro concentrates and reverses time. The bullet goes back in the gun causing a misfire/backfire. Hiro does not tell Ando that his powers worked, but tells Ando that he must return to Japan. Hiro does not want to endanger Ando’s life anymore. There is a sad parting, but as Hiro gets on the bus he is greeted by Stan Lee. I guess after Who Wants To Be a Superhero, Stan needed some more money and had to get a cameo role on the show. They kept hyping it online that Stan Lee would be on the show, but this was kind of lame. He said like one line and that was it. Oh well.

Claire is getting more and more pissed about her mom’s continued mental illness. When her mom finally gets sick and needs to go to the hospital, Claire confronts her dad. She tells him she knows about the Haitian and she blames her dad for everything. When they get home from the hospital, Teddy is waiting for them, Mr. Bennett tells Lyle to take his mother out of the house, but Matt is blocking the door. Matt says he wants some answers.

Mohinder and Syler visit a lady in Montana who has superhearing. She seems pretty cool and she can tell that something is off about Syler. When the two guys go back to the hotel, Mohinder tells Syler about how his father died, and then Syler gives some weird answers which had to have crept Mohinder out. Why doesn’t Mohinder call Mr. Bennett and ask him if Syler is still in custody, or if he has a picture of him? Syler returns to the ladies house, and she says “I didn’t hear your footsteps.” Good for Syler, he hovered above the ground, so she wouldn’t hear him coming.

The next day as Syler and Mohinder go back to see the lady, Syler is having headaches because everything is so damn loud. Mohinder finds the lady dead and realizes it must have Syler since her head was cut open.

Peter goes to confront Isaac and they argue about how Peter is a danger. Peter tells him that he is trying to learn to control it, but Isaac just wants to give him over to Mr. Bennett. Isaac pulls the gun that Mr. Bennett gave him, but Peter goes invisible and starts throwing paint cans at Isaac. We definitely get to see a darker, angrier Peter. Isaac takes two shots, and then realizes that he shot Simone. As she dies Peter and Isaac just stare at each other.

I love that Peter is beginning to truly grasp his powers, I cannot wait until he and Syler mix it up again. It does seem that when Syler acquires someone’s power, it becomes amplified somehow. I know this was said earlier, but it’s becoming more clear. However, when Peter meets up with him, he should be able to mimic him, power for power, but also intensity of each power as well.

I think we are also going to see Hiro’s quest truly begin. He will have to learn to fight and how to speak clear English if he wants to survive. Also, I am sure most of you are happy that his powers are still there, and that he does not really need the sword to use them.

I wonder what Claire’s next move will be? She cannot run away, or could she? I would like to know what some of you think Mr. Bennett’s first name is. Some have said Michael, since Syler’s first name is Gabriel, it helps with the archangel theme. I know the actor hopes it is Anthony, so he can be Tony Bennett, but I highly doubt that is his name.

Anyways, let me know what you think, and please more people comment than last week (0).

11 thoughts on “Heroes Part Sixteen

  1. That “some chick” you mention who can read wireless signals is an Israeli-turned-secret agent. She goes by the name “wireless”. Learn more about her in the online graphic novel at the heroes website.

    That said, it was indeed an awesome episode. I don’t think Hiro even knows that his powers worked – his eyes were closed.

    You think Sylar can use his Telekinesis to hover? I guess that would explain how he jumped so high off the top of a tractor-trailer in the graphic novel. As I can see it, here are Sylar’s powers…

    -Eiditic Memory
    -Freezing people/things
    -Voice control – Peter used this and knocked Isaac right over
    -Melting metal objects
    -His new super-hearing, which is currently giving him a crazy headache

    I definately don’t think Sylar somehow intensifies powers. They just get stronger as he learns to use them and learns how better to control them.

  2. I haven’t been reading the graphic novels. Only reason is because they have decided to publish them, probably in a hardback.

    I have to disagree that Syler seems to somehow amp up the powers. Remember when he first met the guy with telekinesis, that guy could only move things a little bit. When he took his power, he was able to toss things extremely far and hard…

  3. Offord…

    I “thought” that episode further boltered my peter-anakin connection, but apparently you still dont agree. Throw in an emperor, someone who has complete control over his powers (Sylar) and Peter is done for. That might be too dark of a direction to take for the show though…so I dont see it, but it seems possible. He has now lost his dad, brother, mom, love, friends…hes alienated from everyone now except his connection with Claire. I think she is the only one who can save him, even though shes his neice…It is going to take a big effort to bring him to the good side in my opinion.

    Okay Im done ranting about Peter although hes by far the focal point of the series.

    So much happened in the last two weeks that its hard to tell and comprehend whats going to happen.

    I like how Greg articulated some of Sylars powers, I too was considering picking through what he can do, but im too lazy. He has to have more powers than those of what Greg mentioned because most of those he got after we learned who he was. When we first learned about him as a serial killer he had already killed a bunch of people, so he definitely has more. Anyone want to throw some out there?

    Oh, I just throught of something, Sylar has Charlies power, that girl Hiro was banging. I think she had super memory or something like that.

    Sorry for the grammar, my apostrophe button isnt working…

    p.s. nj storyline involvement has an obvious connection with qualty of episode.

  4. Offord…eiditic memory was Charlie’s power.

    I am sorry, but i am not convinced that Peter and Anakin are as close a match as you think. I could see maybe spider-man and peter, but i just do not see Peter as being fully dark yet. he is going to extremes to try and prevent himself from destroying NYC.

    also, Greg, on CBR some guy figured out the number of people syler killed, so i think he may have some more powers, but i will look into this.

  5. Meander…you can watch the episodes on nbc.com. i will add yours to mine as well, it’s always fun to add a site that is dissimilar to mine.

    anyways, glad you enjoyed it, i try to write all sorts of stuff, so come back from time to time.

  6. Offord..

    Ok about the memory thing, when I saw that I thought he was referring to the power he got from Eden…so he has that power too, the mind influencing thing.

  7. Exactly. Eden shot herself to stop Sylar from getting her power.

    You can see a list of Sylar’s known killings here. I added the voice thing to the list of his powers on Wikipedia, but someone else removed it. That’s Wikipedia for you.

    And ngewo – I guess we’re agreeing to disagree about Sylar amping up the powers. I just think that the original guy with the telekinesis hadn’t mastered the ability to the extent that Sylar has.

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