Heroes Part Thirteen

First off, I apologize to everyone for the tardiness of this post. There really is no excuse for me.

This episode began with Peter following the Invisible Man asking him to teach him about his powers. The InM did not seem to care about Peter’s problems, but mentions that he has met others with Peter’s powers, and later he called him an empath.

Hiro and Ando are taking Isaac’s painting to Linderman when someone with a gun tries to stop them. They run away and hide. Hiro is unable to use his power at all at this point. He and Ando have some nice discussions, and Hiro explains that he needs his help on the quest. When they are finally discovered, Hiro gets away, but Ando is caught. Hiro gives himself up to save Ando, but they are both taken anyways.

Claire and Zack try to find anything about Claire’s real parents on her dad’s computer, but there is nothing there. She asks the Haitian and he says her mom died in a fire in a small town in Kermit, Texas. He knows nothing of her father. Mr. Bennett comes home and sees Claire and Zack, and they tell him they are lab partners in Bio and have a report to do about manatees. Claire acts like she is annoyed to be paired with him, and her dad reminds her that they used to be friends.

The two of them continue looking into the fire in Texas, and it turns out that a woman was killed along with her 18 month old daughter. They begin calling everyone in Kermit with the same last name (does anyone remember if the woman’s name was Barbara Gordon?) and at the end Claire tells the last lady how she might be the daughter, and the woman says that she is her mother, and it turns out she has a power, she is a pyro.

Matt goes up for review in his department, and they read his statement and think he is absolutely nuts, so he decides to say he made it all up. They suspend him for six months, which is good for us because it might allow Matt the chance to get out to NYC or track down the Haitian, or a little of both. I think he will eventually hear from Mohinder and that will lead him to NYC.

Speaking of Mohinder, he and Nathan try to confront Peter. Mohinder thinks he can help Peter, but Peter does not think he has the time. He escapes from them, and they assume he jumped out the window. But we then see that the InM grabbed him and they are just invisible. InV agrees to help Peter, because even though he isn’t much of a people person, he does not want them all dead.

DL breaks into prison to see Niki, and they have a wonderful little moment. Niki is going to let Jessica talk to the shrink. The only interesting thing about this storyline so far, is Micah. We finally get to see him use his powers. I know he used the out of order payphone, but that was alluding to his power. He talks to the ATM and it gives him tons of money. He then tells DL that he has a secret just like mom and dad.

Hiro and Ando await the big boss. Their kidnapper offers them first class tickets back to Tokyo, as long as they abandon their quest. Hiro is told that someone with great power wants him to stop. When the van door opens, Mr. Sulu is standing there and then Captain Kirk is revealed to be Mr. Linderman. Okay just kidding, but George Takai is standing there, and Hiro says “Father?” and then he gulps.

What will Hiro’s father’s power be? I guess in the preview Claire’s mom calls a guy and it turns out to be Claire’s dad. The internet rumor is Nathan, which I think is silly. We have noticed that Heroes keeps introducing characters, and Eric Roberts is due on the show, as someone named Thompson. He is my best bet as Claire’s father. Some people use the foreshadowing that Zach says to Claire, maybe you will have a crazy uncle. If Nathan was her father, that would make Peter her uncle, and that would get rid of all the Peter/Claire relationship rumors.

Anyways, let me know what you thought.

3 thoughts on “Heroes Part Thirteen

  1. If Eric Roberts is joining the cast, I hope Lorenzo Llamas and some other late-night HBO actors are thrown in there.

    But anyway, I have no guesses as to who Claire’s dad is or who her uncle is. All I’ll say is that I definitely think her and Zack are gonna be a “thing”. I thought her mom lightin the cigarette A La Pyro was pretty awesome.

    Any predictions on Sylar’s next move?

    I’m kinda sick of Hiro not being able to use his powers cuz he doesn’t have a damn sword. I mean, I understand it’s all in his head, that his powers aren’t actually depending on the sword, but still, it’s pretty ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, Hiro having a sword is BA, but him losing his ability all of a sudden? C’mon… Especially when it came down to him and Ando being chased, he would’ve been able to pull it together.

    As for J/N/DL/M: still not enthused. It was pretty cool when Micah robbed the ATM and probably all those nearby, but he’s sucked – along with his family – for so long now, that it’s gonna take a lot more than a few ATM grab ‘n go’s for me to like ’em. I’m sick of DL acting like he can’t get money. He broke the law already however many times in his life, obviously; I don’t really think he’d have a problem using his ability to steal. Hell, he could rob ATMs just as easily as his pube head son can.

    And finally, where did The Invisible Man come up with the term “empath”??? It’s really not that important, I’m just curious. Oh, and ThInM is the bad guy from Gone in 60 Seconds. It’s on right now, too. How coincidental… “Steel sum cahz, make sum moony, and be a big brutha.”

  2. i have to say i finally got to watch the episode today, wow it was pretty good…but who am i kidding every episode is great!

    I like the whole claire/claires mom storyline its definitely interesting….i think her dad is her current dad. it seems like the right pick based on the preview for the next episode and how her mom was like our daughter knows who i am….making u think that maybe he made her swear to keep her silence!

    there’s so much that happened…hiro and his father….i wonder if he really has a power or if the power that was referenced to him is more like a power of position. well i have go to work tonite so its pretty brief but ill comment next week.

  3. Did anyone notice that Claires mom is the main chick from Boston Public? Was anyone else in love with that show? Anybody? No? Well screw you guys.

    I, too, am upset with Hiro’s inability to use his powers reliably. But I guess thats so he cant solve everything too quickly. I dont think his dad has a power though. mainly because i read an article in the paper about it and, well, he doesnt.

    Also, I still dont understand all the hate towards the Niki/Jessica storyline. Sure its not the most riveting or particularly well acted and it doesnt have much to do with the overall plot (yet), but its still entertaining enough to fulfill its roll as filler (kind of like “the class” is in between “how i met your mother” and heroes/24. wait, actually its nothing like that. the class is torture)

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