Lost: Episode 309

Last night’s episode promised us three big answers. I really do not know if those were the three biggest questions most of us were asking. From what I gathered, these were the questions:
1. What happened to the people from the plane who the Others took?
2. Where do the Others actually live?
3. What does Jack’s tattoo say?

The answers:
1. Jack sees the stewardess from the flight and asks her what they were doing? She tells him they were brought here to watch, which pisses Jack off, especially when a little girl asks about Ana Lucia. So that is what we learned about them, they watch stuff.

2. Carl explains to Sawyer and Kate that he and Alex used to lay out in the backyard and name the stars. He tells them that they do not live on the smaller island, but instead on the island where the Losties are. Isabel (the hard ass sheriff of the Others) also tells Jack that most of the Others hate coming to “this” island where they have special projects.

3. The flashback was a story of Jack in Thailand. He meets a girl, Achara and they begin having lots of sex. She has a secret about her job, and one night he follows her. He thinks she is a tattoo artist, but she explains that she has a gift that allows her to see who people really are. She then marks them. Jack wants her to do him, but she says that she cannot define an outsider, but he does not care. She tells him that he will be a great man, and a leader, but this will cause him to be lonely, frightened, and angry.

Later, when Jack, Juliet, Ben and the rest of the Others are leaving Hydra Island, Isabel reads Jack’s tattoo, she says “he walks amongst us, but he is not one of us.” Jack says that he knows what it says, but that is not what it means. I guess Jack really wants to believe that he will not be lonely and angry, haha, good luck Jack, you are already there.

I just read online that the only answer given was Jack’s tattoo, the promo people just said three big answers. Those bastards. Anyways, it was still a good episode, plus Bai Ling played Achara, and she is hot.

Up top is a picture of Kiele Sanchez (Nikki), just because I wanted to look at her.