Lost Returns: Episode 307

Last night was the first episode of Lost, which many of you have complained about, but I have never given up on. Last nights episode was very good, with a nice back story on Juliet.

The question is what happened to her once she got onto the island to make her such a cold, calculating bitch. Did they threaten to kill her sister? Did Ben have sex with her? Hmm, only time will tell.

Jack’s plan seemed good, until Juliet told Dan to kill Sawyer and Kate. Jack held out though, and Ben woke up and was not pleased. Juliet then had to track Sawyer and Kate down, and shoot Dan herself.

So Kate and Sawyer are going back to their island and next week intend to mount a rescue mission for Jack. Unfortunately I think Jack is starting to like the other side of the island. He has Juliet (since Kate is buy sleeping with Sawyer) and he gets cheeseburgers!!! Why the hell would he want to leave? They also let him watch movies, although if they force him to watch Operation: Dumbo Drop, he just may kill himself.

Anyways, I still enjoy the show. Even though they do not give us answers, I have patience and would rather go five years with tons of questions than two weeks with all the answers.

3 thoughts on “Lost Returns: Episode 307

  1. I’ll take the two weeks with the answers.

    Also, it was interesting to learn that Ben is Alyx’s father. That means that Ben was ‘with’ Russo at some point – does she know that he’s alive?

  2. Greg…that is the interesting thing about Russo. she claims to not have been part of the Others, but was she?

    since they were doing fertility research, maybe ben’s sperm is used over any other guys? or maybe after they took russo’s kid, he just started raising alyx as a father figure…time will tell.

  3. i’ll take the 5 years and no answers. actually, i kinda wish they never even introduced “mystery” to the show. i was perfectly fine with seeing their hijinks play out while they were tryin to find a way off the island in season 1. i think they couldve stretched that out over multiple seasons, gilligans island style. now its kinda all over the place. i still like it though.

    jack currently hates juliet, but i can see him coming around in 4 episodes or so. and when i say coming around, i mean coming around. M I RITE?!?

    sorry, got distracted there for a second. anyway, i’m just waiting for the show to get back to the original island because all those storylines were a lot more fun… and that new chick they recently introduced is smokin hot.

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