Presidential Election 2008

Just curious on everyone’s ideas about our next President. Honestly I wish it could be David Palmer, but we just have to accept that Jack’s father killed him and we must move on. Wait, 24 isn’t real. Damn it. Anyways, below is a poll about who you vote for.

Be honest, and if you want to mention another person in the comments go for it. This may lead to something bigger later, or it may not, who knows.

Who would you vote for President?
Hilary Clinton
Barack Obama
John McCain
Joe Biden
Rudy Giuliani
Don’t Care
No Clue Yet
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6 thoughts on “Presidential Election 2008

  1. Meander has a valid point. I expect this election to be quite a good one. The first time a Mormon, a woman, a black man, or a Latino could be President of the United States. And where there are minorities and religion, well there is drama to follow. As I state to you before Josh, I’ll evaluate each candidate in a little while (I’ll wait until more officially come into the picture in a couple of months, and for a few scandals to appear to keep a few out). I voted how, well I’m sure you knew I’d vote. Later.

  2. yeah, this will be an interesting election. I wish that the drama would get cut out, and we would see serious debate over issues.

    this country needs to eliminate the influence of religion on our politics.

  3. It is looking like obama and mccain are in the lead so far, well aside from the no clues, which is where i voted.

    as of now, obama seems like he would be my choice, but again, i need to look further into this.

    zig, you should do a detailed look at the conservatives, and i’ll do a detailed look at the liberals, and imler you can do crazy independents.

  4. lovely, crazy independents. i should run, except for my age…and complete lack of experience…which almost makes me obamatastic.

    i’ve actually signed up for the mailing lists of all the major candidates…which i find amusing.

    no one seems to think that maybe someone on the mailing list isn’t a real supporter, but just a curious guy.

    who cares if mitt romney is a mormon. what a stupid discussion… a good discussion might investigate why he’s changed his mind on so many issues.

    as a surprise to everyone, i picked guliani. much like me, he’s liberal on social policy, a registered republican, and conservative on fiscal policy. he’s a classic liberal, like myself.

    i’m not sure fielding Clinton2 or Obamatastic is really the best democratic strategy at this point. i don’t think Clinton2 can win, and i don’t think that the public at large thinks Obamatastic has the experience. however he’s got a much better chance than hills of winning the general election.

    i’d be happy with anyone who isn’t part of the washington oligarchy coming out as victor, as long as they were pro-choice, anti-abstinence, unaffected by religion, pro-human rights, pro-free market policies supporting science and an intelligent education policy, which they could get from a guy like me, i’m working on one…

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