Recommended Reality Shows

The other night while I was at my mom’s house, I watched my first episode of American Idol. I came up with some ideas how to make this show and a few others better.

1. American Idol: No one cares about how good these singers are, people just want Simon to trash somebody. Instead, I suggest just sending Simon to karaoke bars around the country and just ripping apart people. We can add in some fun, like the production crew can buy drinks for people and try to hook people up who would never get together. It would mix together Blind Date with American Idol.

2. America’s Next Top Model/Project Runway: These shows feature profession’s that only a select few care about. I think America’s Next Top Brain Surgeon would be a huge hit. Each week they perform surgeries on patients and are judged by how effectively and efficiently they are. I even have the catchphrase the host can say: “I am sorry, you did not make the right cut.” Or something close.

3. Survivor: I know some others have made this suggestion, but I like it. Put a few weapons on the island, drop the contestants and tell them the last one to make it out gets $10,000,000. It would be fun to watch them trying to survive each other and the island itself.

4. Amazing Race: Combine this show with that show where they followed those people up Mount Everest. The first team to reach the summit gets $1,000,000,000. Lots of people would freeze to death, very entertaining.

5. Another good race idea would mix Amazing Race with America’s Most Wanted. Five people are chosen to go from L.A. to NYC, but the catch is their names are given to all police agencies. They have to get across the country without getting arrested. They start out without a vehicle. They have carte blanch, so they can steal a car if needed. You could see some fun high speed chases and maybe a good death.

Let me know if you have any ideas of your own.