Super Bowl XLI First Half Thoughts

-The sound quality has been absolutely horrible. Must be the rain, way to go CBS, try to be prepared next time. The game is in Miami, I guess they did not think it may rain there.

-Billy Joel sings the national anthem, why didn’t they have a canopy over him? Did they ruin a perfectly good piano?

-Devin Hester is really good. I love that Vinatieri is kicking wherever Hester is not.

-Fumbles, lots and lots of fumbles.

-Commercials, nothing too spectacular, but there were a few that made me laugh. A few made Kacie laugh uncontrollably, especially the Blockbuster one, where the animals are clicking a mouse, and he freaks out when they say they need to plug him in. I thought Kacie was going to pass out from laughing. I liked the FedEx on the moon, not because it was good or anything, but because at the end a dude gets hit by a meteor.

-What the hell is Prince wearing on his head??? I really think they should have had Dave Chapelle do his Prince imitation, that would have been much better. Okay, I actually cannot complain, it’s not bad.

One thought on “Super Bowl XLI First Half Thoughts

  1. I thought Prince put on a good show. Though I have to admit, the majority of halftime at my place we spent watching puppy bowl 3 on animal planet.

    it was pretty silly, but its hard to resist a bunch of puppies rolling around and playing to really stupid benny hill type music. its more fun to give them voices, names and personalities. its even more fun to wonder how this spectacle is in its third year of production. all questions were instantly answered though once the all kitty halftime show started…

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