Two Year Anniversary

Here is something you do not know about me, despite my cold, black, mostly evil heart, I have a bit of a romantic side. It does not come out too often, but for Kacie and my two year anniversary it did. Friday was the actual date, but we decided to go out tonight for dinner.

We got all dressed up and went to The Tavern, which I had never been to and Kacie actually worked at when I first met her. We started out with the calamari, which was quite good. Kacie had the Chicken Julian (I think that’s what it was called) and I had the Seafood Crepes with some kind of sauce, it was awesome. It was stuffed with shrimp, orange ruffie, and scallops. What’s awesome is you get unlimited sides, which I did not really take advantage of, but if I was really fat, well they would have been in trouble.

I did come to a realization while I was there though. I will never be “high class.” The older couple beside us were very prim and proper, and really had this attitude that they were better than the girl waiting on them. It definitely entertained me when they were saying to each other how “these server types cannot break their routines, they have to serve drinks, then the salad, and then the entree.” I guess they wanted their salads with the food or something, but their attitude was like they were above the poor girl waiting on them. Like she was some kind of trained monkey that could not break routine. She did not bring the salads, the food runner did, maybe the food runner screwed up or something.

Anyways, I would like to thank Kacie for the two years, which is a year and a half longer than any other relationship I’ve ever had. I hope we spend many more years together.

Enjoy this nice picture of Kacie.

5 thoughts on “Two Year Anniversary

  1. very very bad picture of me by the way. josh not only took me out to dinner, but gave me this sweet sappy romantic card. That proves to me that he does have a romantic side, could you believe it??? he also gave me a huge candle. he was just so super sweet this weekend. who’da thunk it???


  2. well i am glad this one was a little bit better. and congratulations. i don’t know if i hear wedding bells yet, but you never know.

  3. The best part is that these are probably the same people that ordered a glass of Mer – Lot or the Hor-De-Vore Plate making the server think that the customers were the idiots. We all know the type. One thing I have learned over the past 6 years of serving the public is that once I come home from work, I usually feel much better about myself secondary to others stupidity and lack of couth.

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