24: 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

Yet again, Jack does not kill anyone, but he did cut off a finger, so that was cool. Logan and Jack went to the Russian Consulate, but Markov would not cooperate. Jack then broke back in and began the torture process.

He learned that Gradenko was going to use unmanned drones to release the final 3 nukes and that they were somewhere in Death Valley. The Russians stormed the room and took Jack prisoner. Jack then convinced a guard to call CTU and relay the information he gained from Markov, the guard agreed and went to call, but was shot by someone who was loyal to Markov.

Buchannon also took some action by ordering a field team to get ready in case they had to storm the consulate to rescue Jack.

President Palmer did not die, but his injuries were bad enough for the VP to take control. Tom convinced Reed and KillerGuy that he would go along with their plan, but as soon as they ran into a Secret Service Agent, Tom informed that they were involved and that he would cooperate.

I know that many people probably believe that the VP is involved in the assassination attempt, but I really do not think so. He seems like a political opportunist, who sees a chance to implement Tom’s plans and to also blame Assad. If he was part of the conspiracy, then the writers did a great job of coming up with something original.

Anyways, that’s about it. Another lackluster episode. Way too much time spent on the politics and only a few minutes spent on action and Jack.

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  1. gideon:

    i liked this episode, with all the political undertones it carried with it. well they werent really that subtle, but still. i dont always need action. i see it as more like a bonus. as long as theres a scene in which i can do a voice over in my head of jack saying “because im jack bauer” in response to someone questioning the validity/intelligence of his actions. and this episode had several.

    im disappointed assad died, but i guess he had to to further the whole conspiracy angle. it’d mess things up if he could eventually defend himself.

    i wonder how restrictive the muslim – uh…- restrictions are going to be. i hope not so restricting that the hottie at ctu gets less screen time.

    i also wonder if riots will ensue once the public hears the truth about the palmer assassination attempt, using the race card as motivation. i always wanted a chance to storm a target and loot a bunch of video games and throw pillows. this would be a perfect opportunity. if i got caught i could just say something like “no justice, no peace” and reverend al would help me out.

  2. I don’t need action either, but sometimes action would be nice. plus, didn’t jack storming into the russian consulate without an escape plan seem out of character? i mean, jack was delta force, those guys are trained to never be caught, always have an escape.

    ON a sidenote, i wish they would do a comic (because IDW has both 24 and the Shield) where Vic Mackey (from the Shield) meets Jack. i think the story could be great, set it around season 3, where Jack was doing the undercover thing, and mackey just stumbles across him and beats the shit out of him, but then when the terrorists strike, jack shows his true colors and gives vic the beatdown he deserves…

    sorry, i am a little drunk and this probably makes no sense. haha.

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