24: 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

Finally, the show is getting back to what I like: Jack being badass. While being trapped inside the Russian Consulate, CTU plans an assault, which will be led by Ricky Schroeder. Oddly enough, Ricky seemed very cool to me, and hopefully does not take a bullet sometime in the future. I could seriously see them killing Jack off and continuing the show with Ricky as the new CTU Agent, but that will probably never happen.

Jack kills the Russian who takes him to the basement to execute him, and then kidnaps two employees who were going to makeout in one of the rooms. He sends the guy to get a SATphone, but when the dude returns, he brings a couple of guards, who Jack instantly kills.

Ricky and his team strike with ease, killing most of the guards (who seriously did nothing wrong, but I guess CTU had no non-lethal weapons). They get Jack out and learn that Gradenko is in the Mojave Desert, and immediately start searching the area. Gradenko finds out from the Consulate and decides to launch one of the drones. The Consulate then gets shot while firing at some agents.

Logan goes to see Martha because he believes she can convince the Russian President’s wife to convince her husband to allow CTU to assault the Consulate. The RP calls the Consulate, and Markhov (I think that was his name) says he will not turn himself in, and Suberov (RP) gives the US the go.

Logan gets stabbed by his ex-wife, which was a bit of a letdown for me. I wanted to see Logan either die defending his country, or die by Jack’s hands, not his crazy ex-wife. It is great that she thinks of herself as a hero.

The VP and Tom argue about how to handle the ambassador of whatever country Assad was from. The VP wants Tom to say that Assad planted the bomb, Tom finally gives in, and the VP threatens the ambassador’s country with “the full might of the United States military.” I wonder what will happen if Wayne Palmer returns and finds out that the VP is waging a nuclear war on the rest of the world. He will probably be like “Dude, I take one day off, and you seriously start World War III, way to go assclown.”

I forgot to post my guess for Jack’s kills, so we will say it was 0. There were 3 kills, so I was way off. Next week, Jack kills 2, and Ricky kills 3. Mostly because Ricky likes to use a machine gun. Also, I would look up his name, but I like calling him Ricky.

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  1. Fist off, Ricky Schroeder looks like his face got run over by an asstruck full of ugly sticks. That guy got the Mark Hamill treatment times fifty. And somehow, he’s the first character on 24 whom I don’t buy in their role. He doesn’t seem to fit somehow.

    I’m glad that Logan’s wife killed him. That guy was scum. I hated him. I didn’t want to see him redeemed, I just wanted to see him get his. I’ve got to say, that actor rocks because I hate his character so much.

    And after Tom Lenox redeemed himself by not going along with the kill-Palmer plot, he once again became as ass by going along with yet another jerkwad VP on what I like to call “The Assclown Vendetta”. Sounds like a new Matt Damon movie.

  2. Maybe that’s why i likd Ricky, he’s what an agent should look like, he’s ugly, been tortured…

    i am looking forward to the moment Jack and Ricky meet, and there will be that moment where Ricky has to try and stop Jack from disobeying either a presidential order or an order from CTU. Jack seems to have alot of anger he needs to work out, and Ricky would be perfect for it. As we’ve seen, he has no problem beating up CTU agents, hell even his friends.

  3. I, also, didnt really like Ricky. he seemed annoying so i hope he doesnt become a jack replacement, which i do hear is coming. its a bad sign that he also falls in the “i dont need no stinkin body armor” camp that jack spearheads.

    i also the whole martha stabbing thing was kinda stupid, especially after the commercials promised “the most shocking event ever” or something like that. i honestly didnt even care, perhaps because i hated logan so much anyways. i dont think he’s necessarily dead yet though. they left that open.

    and where was it mentioned that ricky was tortured?

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