24: 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

How come every season, we get a VP who is crazy??? Or at least one mole working for CTU? I take it there are no background checks or qualifications for either of these jobs.

Anyways, Gradenko and Fayid launch one of the drones before CTU can get to them. The VP says that if it goes off, the US will nuke the country where the terrorists came from. Somehow I doubt it was Sweden.

Jack returns to CTU and is told to go to medical because he has messed up ribs and could have internal bleeding. He sees Marilyn and she tries to kiss him (her husband has been dead for less than 12 hours, that is my kinda girl), Jack mentions Audrey, and then learns that she died in China. Turns out she went to rescue Jack and was killed.

Jack wants the file on Audrey’s death from Chloe. He is pissed that Bill did not mention it to him. Needless to say, Jack might cry, or kill 49 people, I would bet on the option 2.

Morris is tracking the drone when it disappears, turns out that the sneaky Russians have a mole in CTU, and can see exactly what satellites Morris is going to use, and just avoid them. CTU figures out that it is coming from Nadia’s workstation. Milo does not want Mike Doyle (that is Ricky’s name on the show) to investigate her because she’s Muslim, blah blah blah.

Mike uses the Jack method when dealing with women, start choking them, but Nadia does not start talking immediately, so maybe she is not the mole. I bet it is Milo. Wasn’t he a crackhead on Six Feet Under? You can never trust a crackhead.

Morris figures out that the signal is being sent 3 blocks from CTU and Jack and Mike lead a team there. Jack kills 2 and wounds one, then pilots the drone to safety, but the landing is subpar, and the core starts to leak.

The VP decides that is just as good as a nuclear strike on our country, and says to get ready to launch a nuke within the hour. Karen and Tom are against the idea, and the new plan may be to wake up Palmer (even though it could kill him) to get him to stop the madness.

Maybe my early assessment of Mike was wrong, maybe he is not as cool as I thought. It is like they wanted to make him badass like Jack, but forgot to give him any good qualities. Yeah, I’d watch a season of that guy being a dick to people. Wait, that would just be like my life, except without torture and killing people. Or being a badass, just being a dick at work.

I guessed 2 last week, and I was right. I say next week Jack takes down 4. Three of them being direct kills, the last one being the guy from this episode that Jack wounded.

On a sidenote, did it seem like they said the drone could reach it’s target in like 4 minutes, and then it took like 25? Or did they say they could have F16s intercept in 4 minutes? It just seemed to take along time for the drone to get to San Fran. Or maybe I was hoping they would fail and we would lose the Bay Area. Is there a CTU in SF? I guess there was one in Denver. Wouldn’t this be a SFCTU problem anyways? I think LACTU should have been like “this is out of our hands now, everyone can go home.” Sorry that was a long sidenote.

Sidenote 2: I think Jack will die at the end of this season. Or has that been confirmed and I am just too stupid to know it?

Also, I swear this is the end, that picture is of Ricky when he was on Scrubs. Although, it would be great if it was Mike Doyle undercover or something. I will check with DenverCTU for his file.

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  1. With that time discrepancy thing, I think that they said the time for the drone to become in range of one of the potential targets was like 6 minutes. perhaps san fran was quite a bit farther. im not exactly sure about that though.

    either way, i think they should stop giving time frames in the show. everything seems to be conveniently twenty minutes or 45 minutes away from occurring, depending on how much time is left in the episode of course. this decreases the suspense, for me at least. you know precisely when the proverbial poo is going to come into contact with the cooling ventilation device, they should just have random stuff happen, keep me on my toes.

    im torn as to whom i think the ctu mole is. at first i thought it was milo because he wouldve had an alibi by framing the hottie by having access to her station since she was using his login. but that seemed too obvious. then i thought that maybe there was no mole, that the terrorist was just a really good hacker. but i think they wouldntve left the mystery open if that was the case. now i just think its morris because thats the least obvious choice.

    regarding season 7, i originally thought that jack would die this season and someone new would take over. then they started settin off nukes at an alarming rate. i mean, theres no where to go from here. how can you possibly top that, short of using robots from the future. the U.S. would be in shambles. with the advent of this audrey angle, im thinking that maybe next year will be spent figuring out that mystery. overseas or otherwise. perhaps not overseas because that would limit the holdover of cast members from previous years…

  2. Yeah, the time frames have gotten a bit predictable, everything is within the hour.

    i thought Morris too, the being tortured could be a nice way to cover himself, plus the whole drinking could be his way of coping for being a mole…obviously it will not be Chloe (as i say this, i realize that she would be the ideal candidate since no one would ever suspect her. maybe she is tired of getting pushed around at CTU, maybe they were threatening to send her to CTU-St.Paul…okay, I just do not see her being the mole. she’s just so adorable…)

    What year is it in the show? According to wikipedia, it is May 2012. So maybe season 7 will be set in 2016, there will be a new president (played by Christopher Walken, cuz how couldn’t you suspect him of having an evil agenda all season), Jack will have returned from China. He will have killed pretty much everyone there. On his way home, he will get shipwrecked on an island, where he will meet Kate, Sawyer, and Jack. he will end their love triangle by killing sawyer and jack, and then banging Kate. Next he will kill the rest of the others, and use whatever devices they use to get back home, but instead of instantly being in the good ol’ USA, he’ll be in Europe. NSA will discover him, and in a way to prevent war with china, will activate assassins to take him out, he will cross paths with Jason Bourne and together they will destroy the NSA/CIA together. When he finally gets back to LA, SkyNet will be fully functional, and creating war with man. He will launch nukes that destroy the sun, only to learn that the machines adapt and begin using humans as batteries. He will go inside the Matrix, rescue Morpheus, and tell him the prophecy about Neo (Morpheus will believe Jack means that he will be reborn as the One, but really jack just wants to get the hell out of here)…At this point, Jack will steal a spaceship, fly to Mars, go underground and find any aliens that look like they may want to come to earth and take over with weird tripod machines. He will kill them all, but first he will learn their language, and then torture one to learn where they originally come from. He will then call Chloe, who will hack into the Martian database, and help Jack launch fullscale war on the galaxy. She learns of an evil, known as Galactus, a being that devours worlds. Jack takes it upon himself to kill Galactus. That will conclude season 7, and get us started on season 8. it will also render Lost, Bourne Ultimatum, Matrix, Terminator, War of the Worlds, Fantastic Four movies, and pretty much any other alien movie useless. Seriously, this could be a rather funny spoof for Mad Magazine or something.

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