24: 8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

All I kept thinking about during this episode was Natalie Portman in Garden State, when she is amazed that Andrew played the retarded quarterback, but was not really retarded…

I really wanted to see Jack torture the kid just to test whether or not he was actually autistic or something. Yeah, I am slightly sick, but c’mon Jack’s done weirder things, like asking to be fired from CTU so he could go torture a guy real quick…

I really thought that Gradenko and his posse would somehow slip out of the trap, since CTU fails at every trap they set, but this one went off rather smoothly. Unfortunately next week it looks like Fayad and Gradenko may sneak off together.

The VP almost got his wish at starting WWIII, but then Palmer regains consciousness due to his sister risking his life by taking him out of the coma, and takes the reigns of our country and orders no nukes to be launched.

Sadly, we now have a repeat of season 2, the Attorney General and Cabinet meeting to declare if the President is fit for office, blah blah blah. Speaking of politics, what the hell was going on in the office with Mike and that dude over the whole Nadia thing??? That was just weird.

Onto Nadia. She is free and her hot ass is back at her desk. Good thing too, Milo was getting very worried about not getting laid. They kiss and whatnot. One thing does bother me though, the actress who plays Nadia, Marisol Nichols. She is not Arab. She is of Mexican descent. I guess they could not find a smokin’ hot Arab chick, although if you fly Royal Jordanian Airlines, you see plenty of hot stewardesses.

Jack killed 2. The one was the drone pilot Jack wounded last week, and the other was a guy in Gradenko’s car. Next week, I am guessing 2.

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