Last week I picked up the hardcover trade Artesia, written and drawn by Mark Smylie. The book is about Artesia, a former concubine to the king, who is now the captain of his army. She is a priestess/witch, and it is this combination that make her a deadly force.

The book revolves mainly around Artesia battling armies in the Highlands, and also worrying about her own King, who is making deals with foreigners. She also sees threats coming from different kingdoms and empires, and she realizes she must make certain choices.

Smylie made up his own mythology for this comic, and it seems that these different gods interact with the characters in ways usually not seen in stories nowadays. His artwork is amazing, either drawing beautiful naked women, or full-scale battle scenes, Smylie captures the mood perfectly.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy or a good barbarian book (Red Sonja/Conan).

2 thoughts on “Artesia

  1. Haha, well umm, i will try not to make my titles sound like food anymore.

    I really did not enjoy this review, i wrote it and then later read it and was like “eh, i could do better.” oh well, that’s what i get for not thinking and trying to type.

    Anyways, (has anyone noticed I love to say anyways as a segue?) I did want to mention that Artesia is a pretty strong female character. She is powerful, respected, and even feared, yet also loved and definitely wanted by the men (ladies too)…Unlike many other female lead characters, Artesia retains her femininity.

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