Civil War Predictions Part II

Okay, so this post is kind of a recap of the ending of Civil War, and what I think will happen now.

Needless to say, some of my predictions were wrong. I at least got which side would win, but I did not see it coming that Cap would just surrender to the police. I guess that Spider-Man is going to black because he is mourning, if you missed it, Aunt May got shot, not sure if she is dead or not.

Where do they go from here? Well Tony Stark is head of SHIELD and Cap is in prison. Who is Ronan that is working with the New Avengers? My guess: Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. Why? Well last we saw him, Cap was beating him down for breaking his promise of not killing anyone. During the final battle, when Cap takes off his mask and surrenders, Castle picks the mask up and looks very sad. He definitely looks up to Captain America. Becoming Ronan could be Frank’s way of redeeming himself.

The big cover-up story in Civil War: Front Line was that Tony Stark used Green Goblin to shoot the Atlantean Delegate because Tony knew that if the threat of attack came from an outside source, Atlantis, then most heroes would rather fight together and register to help their country. He was right, Sally and Ben figured it out, that Tony shifted the stock market funds of his, to make $90 million, which he used in a fund for police, firemen, and registered superhero pension funds. Sally and Ben promise they will never let his secret out, because he made the sacrifice of a real hero: doing something to help everyone, even though no one can ever know about it.

My guess is that Reed and Sue will get back together. It is just inevitable, you cannot have the Fantastic Four without her. And yes, they have done things before without different members.

Thor did not return, Hercules actually destroyed the clone/cyborg Thor, which was cool, since he did it with the copy of his hammer. When will Thor return, well sometime soon. Will he be pissed though? Probably, I cannot imagine a god being happy that mortals tried to clone him.

The next event coming up is World War Hulk, which should be awesome. Hulk is going to be super pissed. I seriously cannot imagine anyone being able to battle a smart and stronger Hulk.

Either way ya look at it, good things are coming from Marvel, I really wish DC could say the same thing.

6 thoughts on “Civil War Predictions Part II

  1. gideon:

    im at work right now and my coworker just said that cap america was killed. i called shenanigans, but she maintains her resolve. i didnt think something that drastic would happen so soon after civil war, and since you didnt mention anything of the sort in your synopsis i didnt think it happened there. so its up to you to clear up this battle. and if you dont do so before i leave here at 10, there’ll be heck to pay…

  2. Captain America was not killed. In the midst of battle he realized that his AnitReg forces were doing way too much damage to NYC and he surrendered. He said to his forces that captain america was not being arrested, but Steve Rogers was. As he was cuffed and being taken away, the Punisher picked up his mask.

    Marvel says they will not be putting anyone else in the Cap suit.

    Last i saw of cap he was in a cell at Stark Tower, it was a very nice, comfortable cell being asked questions by Ben Ulrich and Sally, two reporters.

  3. gideon:

    i’ll take that. i think its funny that i used info from your blog as ammo for my argument. do i owe you royalties or anything?

  4. Since I have not purchased my comics this week, I did not know he was shot. But, he is not dead. A little research and I have found that in Civil War: Initiative, Ms.Marvel says that Steve did not die and is being hidden on the Raft (a prison for super-villains attached to Rykers) and doctors are attempting to save him.

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