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First, I would like to invite anyone to come on and join my March Madness Pool on The league name is eatnpark, and the password is: ryanisgay. There is no money involved, unless someone wants to start a wager. I will definitely lose.

We had our fantasy baseball draft yesterday, I think my team looks okay as of right now. Part of me wants to do a ZIPS projection on them, then figure out what that would mean for my end of year stats, but that takes time…Although I have nothing better to do, this could be fun.

Anyways, here is my team, and where I drafted them.

1. Alex Rodriguez-3B
2. Carl Crawford-OF
3. Justin Morneau-1B
4. Carlos Zambrano-SP
5. Chone Figgins-2B,3B,OF
6. Felix Hernandez-SP
7. Kenji Johjima-C
8. Trevor Hoffman-RP
9. Alex Rios-OF
10. Chris Young-SP
11. J.D. Drew-OF
12. Erik Bedard-SP
13. Hank Blalock
14. Orlando Cabrera-SS
15. Kerry Wood-SP
16. Ian Snell-SP
17. Salomon Torres-RP
18. Ryan Freel-2B,3B,OF
19. Austin Kearns-OF
20. Duaner Sanchez-RP
21. Luke Scott-OF
22. Troy Tulowitski-SS
23. Ronny Paulino-C

After doing the ZiPS projections for my team, by their calculations, my team is about a 3rd place team. That is just hitter wise, I have yet to look at the pitchers.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Sports

  1. my drafting strategy went totally out the window after like the 4th or 5th round. i usually never even bother drafting manually, trusting the original rankings and my superior managerial abilities to bring me over the top.

    this year, there were actually a bunch of guys i really wanted so i figured id go live. it turns out everybody else wanted em too. also i had just taken a couple of bad beats in poker so i was tilting there already. then i went on draft tilt and my brain just pretty much ceased to function.

    then there was liriano…

  2. It seemed odd some of the peoples first few round picks. I watched a lot of people, jump way down and take guys who definitely could have been picked up in a later round.

    I think my team will definitely struggle with homeruns, but i can counter that with steals, which does not hurt me too much. I think Imler has the most potent outfield, I look for Andruw Jones to have a big year, he is a free agent next season, and Boras will probably demand he hit no less than 40 HR, so he can get Jones about 4 trillion dollars. Needless to say, I think very little of Scott Boras, not to say it’s great that he can get his players that kind of money, but he definitely hurts the market. Look at Barry Zito, no way was he worth that much money. What round did he get drafted in? For 120 million, he better be Santana.

    Sadly, you are not alone in drafting Liriano. He has been the most dropped player after drafts. Next is Gary Matthews Jr.

    I was also shocked to see how late Jake Peavey went. People skipped over him a bunch, and I wanted to grab him, but someone near me snagged him. That would have been a nice rotation, Zambrano and Peavey. Hopefully Kerry Wood can do well as a reliever. I’ve heard he is throwing hard (95ish) and his arm does not bother him, so I hope he can be effective.

  3. i tried to wait a few out, like a first baseman, and some of that jumping killed my picks. i ended up with 4 of those, but with two being also eligible for the outfield, and one of those two being ty “i’ll play anywhere” wigginton.

    i took him because he was so good last year for me. he filled in on off days in a lot of positions, and his numbers weren’t bad, although his batting average was lower than i’d like. plus, this year he’s going to start somewhere, and they are seriously considering him for 2nd base.

    i liked your picks, i think your team came out strong. i came out with great hrs, a good batting avg, good potential for sv, but mediocre starting pitching.

    i’ve got nothing for SBs except for ichiro, who i’m considering trading. i think with my lineup, SBs on my team are a giveaway, so if i want to do well, i should just give those up…

  4. offord..

    I considered drafting Wiggington, then remembered he was just another in a long string of Pirate acquisitions that will eventually contribute to my suicide. No one that may cause my death will be on my fantasy team (wait, I drafted Jeter, damnit). My team’s zips prediction is that I have the best team in the entire world, so don’t mess with it, especially not Prince Fielder who is both the son of the most notorious fat slugger and a prince, a deadly combination.

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