Heroes Part Eighteen

So much happened this episode, it seems like each week just gets better and better. I definitely was on the edge of my seat watching some of this episode. I think I will go by character, instead of by time for this post.

Claire and the Haitian are leaving the country. He says that is the only way she will be safe. She will go to Canada and take the name Vivian. Claire is not too thrilled with this, and jacks his passport and plane ticket and then goes through security.

Instead of Canada, she goes to NYC to see Peter, who the Haitian said could not help her because he could barely take care of himself. When Claire gets to his apartment, Peter’s mother, Angela, is there. She addresses Claire by her name, and then begins talking in French, to the Haitian. Angela tells Claire that she is her grandmother, and that Claire is just as stubborn as her father. So at least we know who the Haitian was really working for when protecting Claire.

Thompson grills Mr.Bennett about Claire and the Haitian, but Mr.B does not remember anything. Thompson then goes into another room, where Candice and Matt observe through a two-way mirror. Matt says that Mr.B is telling the truth.

Mr.B goes home and finds out that his wife actually has instructions from himself about what is going on. Candice shows up and says they have to go to NYC because Isaac shot Simone.

Isaac opens the door, and the police ask him about Simone, whose body is in the apartment, when all of a sudden Simone walks in. They cops leave, and Mr.B soons comes in after. The room shifts, and it turns out that Candice has a nice little power. I do not think she is a shape-shifter, but instead a reality bender, perhaps only limited to herself, but who knows. Mr.B says that someone will be by to clean up the mess.

When Mr.B gets home, he and his wife go into the bathroom and they talk about Claire, and Mr.B says he has to take The Company down, as he says that Thompson and some thugs come in, and his wife turns out to be Candice. Mr.B is in trouble!

Sylar continues to tell Mohinder how he wants to help out, and tries to call Isaac, but gets a busy signal. Remember, Hiro in the future saw Isaac dead, head cut open. Mohinder gives Sylar some Chai, which is laced with poison. When Sylar wakes up he is attached to an IV, with some kind of brain paralyzer. Mohinder plans on killing Sylar, but first decides to take a spinal fluid sample. This whole series of events was awesome, watching Mohinder have no fear of Sylar was a sweet moment.

Unfortunately, at about the time Mohinder figures out the formula from Sylar’s DNA and says he can come up with a new list, Sylar’s drugs stop working, and Sylar is able to shut the IV off with his mind. Mohinder goes to shoot Sylar, but the bullet stops mid-air and Sylar frees himself.

Hiro tries to get in to see Mr.Linderman, but the guards have him flagged as a cheater. Nathan shows up and tells the guards that Hiro is delivering a painting to Linderman for Nathan. They let him in and Hiro goes to the curator. As the curator is getting the paperwork for the delivery, Hiro finds the sword.

As he goes to grab it, the curator is behind him and activates the alarm saying that 795 guards will be there in a matter of seconds. All of a sudden someone knocks the curator out. It’s Ando to the rescue! Turns out he knew Hiro would need help, so he was pretending to be a security guard at the casino. They barricade the door, and Hiro finally gets his sword. The guards break in, and Hiro teleports himself and Ando away. They are standing on a building in NYC (I believe it is the same building where Simone’s dad lived and where Claude fed his pigeons), but the city looks to be destroyed. Hiro says it is the future and that the bomb must have went off. Who thinks that Hiro will go back in time to feudal Japan, and become Kensai?

It turns out that Nathan is working with the FBI to bring Linderman down. They want him to wear a wire when they meet. When they leave, Peter appears and tells Nathan about Simone’s death. Nathan says he will make an anonymous call to the police, and that Peter should seek out Mohinder for help. A secretary starts to come in, but then Peter vanishes and leaves the office.

In Vegas, Nathan chills in his room until his meeting. Jessica kills the FBI guys, and then pays a visit to Nathan. Lucky for Nathan Niki has taken control. She tells Peter that he has to make a deal with Linderman, or Jessica will kill him. Obviously Nathan is confused, but he says he will kill Linderman. Niki says he will have to knock her out. Nathan punches her and leaves with the gun.

We finally get to see Linderman. He is in the kitchen making a mean potpie. He is played by Malcolm McDowell. He seems like a very nice fellow, so I guess his reeducation in Clockwork Orange worked a little bit. He knows all about Peter and Nathan’s abilities, as well as Claire’s. He tells Nathan he will win the election, and in two years be in the White House, on the road to the presidency. Nathan decides not to shoot him and take him up on his offer, whatever that may be.

Peter goes to Mohinder’s apartment, only to find it torn apart. Blood starts dripping on him and he looks up to see Mohinder pressed against the ceiling. Mohinder says “Sylar” and Peter turns around in time to be grabbed by the throat by Sylar, who slams Peter into the wall.

Sylar says he remembers Peter, and that Peter is like himself. He starts to cut his forehead, and we see blood and then a lock of Peter’s hair fall to the ground. Obviously Peter will not die, but is there where he gets his scar that Future Hiro talked about?

I just found this little bit of fun trivia on Wikipedia: The Kensai sword was cataloged in Linderman’s database as CRM114. I guess Stanly Kubrick used this designation in some of his movies, including Clockwork Orange, as the drug that is given to Malcolm McDowell (Serum 114).

21 thoughts on “Heroes Part Eighteen

  1. Offord:


    When I saw McDowells name in the credits at the beginning I knew it would be him…I think it’s a good fit. You brought up an interesting question about Hiro and becoming Kensai, in comparison to when Fry becomes his own grandfather sort of. That would be pretty cool, and yes, now that you said it, I’m sure Sylar is giving Peter the scar Hiro was talking about.

    This episode definitely did not support my evil Peter theory, but we’ll see how it goes. I think Claire will in fact set him on the right course, but will she feel weird now that she knows he’s her uncle? I guess Zack is out of the series now, there’s really no need for him to come back..poor kid.

    And yes, I was fooled by the previews showing Simone alive. I definitely did not expect the shapeshifter type lady. I think you are probably right about the reality switch because of the way they make the room sort of sway.

    So for the future, I’m guessing Peter fends off Sylar but he escapes with the list, goes to see Isaac and takes his future painting power. I really don’t see why Sylar would need or want this power, but we’ll see. He may not even need the list because of his..editic memory? I forget how it’s spelled, but I’m sure he has it all logged at this point.

    I thought it was pretty funny when Mr. B said he could finally talk to his wife…then it turned out to not be her..haha poor guy.

    That’s about all I have for this week…sucks that we have to wait til April 23rd now, but that’s tv for ya.

  2. Yeah, I hope that Zack is not out, i have heard on the CBR interviews the writers mention that Zack will still be around, but who knows.

    The reason I think the Kensai/Hiro thing is because the picture of Kensai looks alot like Hiro. This would explain where he learns to be a badass. If he takes Ando, then maybe he too will train, and become equally badass, but without powers.

    I guess maybe Sylar just wants everyone’s power, he wants to be unique. He always says how alone he felt, and how he wants to bring everyone together, obvious lies, but i think he really wants to be the only one who is different, and therefore be allpowerful.

    yeah, i am starting to really feel bad for Mr.B, which I think it was you who said early on that he wasn’t an evil bastard, and it looks like you were right.

    at least until the 23rd i won’t have to make any decisions on what to watch, although once heroes comes back, if 24 doesn’t step up, i’ll be watching heroes and then 24 online.

  3. this week was one of the episodes in which i really liked the sylar character. sometimes he seems too apathetic to be the omnipotent super villain. at least to me. but last night he showed me a little more of that hatred i so love. good job.

    and dang nbc for being a sony shill. i mean, i sort of understand the need for product placement (actually, no i dont), but at least make the situations realistic so that the layman may not realize they’re watching a commercial. of course i’m speaking of when jessica is playing ps3 with the kid; the game is heavenly sword (which i was able to name within 1.4 seconds of game footage) which doesn’t come out till june. that makes that whole scene nothing more than an ad. boo.

  4. gideon…i looked up on wikipedia which game it was, and it says that technically the PS3 was not out when the show is supposedly taking place, which I guess is still in october, since the election has yet to happen…but yeah, i knew you would know it, haha. i wish they would have had a screen shot of Hiro’s gameboy, so you would be able to tell me what game he was playing. any ideas?

  5. Offord:

    That game looked pretty sweet, I should have known to ask you Gideon. Let me know how it is…considering I beat FF12 within 2 weeks. I was kind of disappointed, thought it would be harder. God of War 2 comes out next week though so I’m excited for that. Sorry to turn this into a game blog.

    Oh, does FOX have an online broadcast? Or do you mean Tivo, because I tried to find ways to watch FOX shows online and couldn’t find anything but clips. BTW CBS.com is the best site for watching shows, at least as far as I’ve seen.

  6. josh: i have no idea what gameboy game hiro was playing. i didnt get a look at the screen nor the label on the cartridge. if i had to guess id say motorcross maniacs, cuz that game was awesome.

    offord: i actually just finished ff12 yesterday. i work way too much to play games as often as id like. did you get everything in 2 weeks? if so, thats madness. just getting the items for the tournesol takes like 2 weeks, and dont even get me started on yiazmat…

    ive got 3 more current gen games to go (including god of war 2) before i can even touch the next gen stuff.

  7. I don’t think Candace is a shapeshifter either. But I don’t think she’s bending reality. I think she’s creating illusion. Mmm. Ben and Jerry’s “Everything but the…” is good. But I hate it when ice cream gets on your keyboard.

    I think the reason the drugs stopped affecting Sylar is that he managed to use just a tiny bit of TK and turn that lever on the IV. Wouldn’t take a lot of power.

    I do not think that Hiro will go back in time and become Kensai.

    Linderman’s offer was to give Nathan the presidency.

    And I think you’re exactly right. This is where Peter gets The Scar.

    Sylar already has Isaac’s info, regardless of anything else. And Mr. Anonymous makes a good point about Sylar’s eidetic memory. Whatever names he’s seen, he won’t forget. That doesn’t include Mohinder’s “new list”, which he hasn’t yet made, but at the very minimum he’s got Isaac’s number.

    How ironic is it that Mr. Bennett can confide in his wife after all this time, and it’s that fact that brings him down?

    I still think that this episode wasn’t nearly as good as last week’s, but it was still damn good. Still, “Company Man” may go down as the best hour of TV I’ve ever seen.

    /agree… the Heavenly Sword ad was a bit much. And I think Hiro was playing the old black&white Super Mario. Great game. 🙂 Either that or Tetris. I will be buying God of War 2 as soon as it’s out. The 13th isn’t too far away. And Final Fantasy 12 is on my to-play list too.

  8. Greg…yeah, i realize that Linderman was giving him the presidency, but what was Linderman getting in return? I guess i should have state that a little better.

    here is a nice question for everyone, do you guys think Linderman is bad? obviously he is some kind of mobster, but does he have plans for the heroes, that is different/against the plans the Company and Hiro’s father seems to have? or is Linderman part of that same group?

  9. Greg, my name is Offord.

    Gideon: Hell no I didnt do all the subquests in 2 weeks. I beat the game in 2 weeks, much different. I always think its sad that you don’t need to get all the espers or all the monster hunts/rare monsters stuff to beat it, as with any ff game. After beating it I set to work getting all the espers/rare monsters stuff like that, getting Ultima was freaking rediculous, mainly because I mapped it all out without a guide, which I was quite proud of. Anyways…I still have not finished all that because I got resident evil 4 and mortal kombat armaggedon, so i was distratcted…

  10. this has nothing to do with heroes. I just wanted to say that where I previously made fun of Greg for winking too much in his posts….I rescind the dig, as he is a Ben & Jerry’s fan. I raise my spoon to you, random blog poster named Greg.

  11. offord:

    yeah, i didnt use a guide either. till the very very end when i checked to see what i missed. (which was actually a bunch of stuff)
    of my first 20 hours with the game, at least half of those were spent mapping out license grids for everyone and creating an item database.

    sometimes i realize that i lead a sad existence.

    then i eat a gordita and all is right with the world again.

    sorry this has nothing to do with heroes.

    or am i…?

  12. After 10 posts, it’s probably okay for comments to degrade to another topic entirely.

    Gideon – don’t feel bad. As a kid I spent hours and hours putting together a guide for Ultima 5 on my Commodore 64 wherein I listed all items at all stores and their prices, listed spell reagents, and tons of other stuff I can’t remember.

  13. Ok I resigned up so everyone will be clear on who I am…

    I want to start an FF chat now, Gideon you ruined me. I thought the licensing system was dumb because license points were so easy to get. Halfway through the game I had everyone with everything relevant on the board with a 1000 to spare. The top part with the attributes definitely needed to have more blocks. Want to know what made me quit playing that game?

  14. should i start a post where ya’ll can discuss video games? i have absolutely no clue what any of you are talking about.

    i might get a game though. that may excite everyone. i might start playing Rome: total war. i have heard i would like it, since it deals with stuff i studied and it’s kind of like Risk.

    Greg…i read your video game stuff on your blog and never have a clue what you are talking about, way too many abbreviations. i know what an RPG is, that’s about it. how can someone 26 years old know so little about video games?

  15. gideon:

    offord – yeah, the license grid did prove to be pointless halfway through the game. it made me upset that i actually spent time charting out different paths for different people. the part i hated the most was that treasure was built around percentages. thats ludicrous. and of course i wanna know what made you stop!

    greg – i actually have special graph paper notebooks for just such occasions. i keep them hidden away behind a pile of dumbbells and rifles and raw steak.

    josh – ive heard really good things about rome. i havent played it myself since my computer can barely run minesweeper properly.

    and wait, there are more video game blogs out there i could be responding to?

    *opens new tab, does some skimming*

    im this close to commenting on random greg blog entries right here, but i just realized that im still at work and havent done anything for quite some time. and that would be stupid.

  16. Ok Gideon, here’s why I quit, it’s a disheartening tale. I went to the Pharos to fight one of the marks, I forget it’s name, some unicorn type thing. Anyway, I stumbled across Pheonix by accident and the hardest battle I’ve been in ensued. It’s physical attacks were so devastatiing that it was basically just me having pheonix downs on eveyrones gambits and just bring people back to life constantly and getting in a hit every once in a while. It was useless to use any defense spells because he killed my guys too quick..long story short, after about a half an hour of intense effort, I beat it. That was about my high point in the game, so what happens next, I walk into the next room to find a magic pot. Well, idiot me attacks it and gets obliterated. You can’t even run from that thing…so basically all the progress I made with Pheonix was lost and I just gave up on the game…

    Another thing I didn’t like, and perhaps I used them wrong, but Espers died in battles to incredibly quick that it was pointless to ever call them. I don’t think I ever used an Esper after the half-wayish point.

    Okay I have to mention this…Raj JUST Imed me asking to see 300 with him tomorrow or something..idiot.

  17. offord…yeah, we are going tomorrow to see it. i think he picked tickets up for me, ryan, kacie, imler, and whoever else. too bad you are not up here. maybe he thinks you’ll use your magic powers and teleport up here.

  18. Josh, you’re good with languages and stuff, I’m trying to decide on a name for a character. It needs to be cool sounding, powerful, yet not overbearing, and have some sort of meaning behind it (such as ‘great one’, ‘chosen one’, ‘hero’, etc…). I have been searching for the right name for a long time and still havn’t found a fit. I figured I’d throw it out there for any of the readers to come up with a couple…Or, not, but it’s something to do.

  19. Offord…here is one I have always liked. Gavriel. It is hebrew and means Hero of God. it is an alternate form of Gabriel, but i think it sounds cooler with the V sound. plus anything with the words of god already sounds like a chosen one.

  20. gideon:

    hey offord. figured id jump in and mention that “gideon” just so happens to mean “powerful warrior”. and if you wanna get psycho literal with the translation, “feller of trees”. thats pretty sweet in my book. just sayin…

  21. it is an awesome name, but i’d feel weird about using a friend’s name. i’d rather have something more obscure, but thanks, i knew what it meant, ive gone threw the etimology of just about every name ever.

    I wish Esfandiyar sounded cooler..

    Thanks Josh though, I like Gavriel, its on my list of possibles.

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