Lost: Episode 310

This was not a great episode. It could have been. If you are watching this on DVD, and this episode was tucked away in there, you would enjoy it. Unfortunately, it was after a few weeks where lots of stuff has happened and we thought we were getting something cool this week.

Do not get me wrong, I liked the flashback of Hurley. I enjoyed finding out more about his life and it was cool that Cheech Marin was his father. I was annoyed by the whole Kate and Sawyer return and it only seemed like they spent about 12 minutes of the episode on it.

There was plenty of fun going around though, Sawyer and Jin drinking together, and Sawyer teaching him the three most important things to say to a woman, my favorite “No, those pants do not make you look fat.” What was even better was how Jin picked up Sawyer’s accident.

Charlie and Hurley break their little curses (which probably means Charlie will die next week) by fixing up a VW Bus and driving it down a hill and almost into a bunch of rocks. Hurley felt that he just had to believe the vehicle would start and then they would survive. I guess this help him believe they are getting off the island.

Nikki made an appearance. I was happy. Unfortunately, the Smoke Monster still has not eaten Paolo. Oh well. I wonder if when Kate & Sawyer got back if they asked each other “who the hell are all these random people?”

So Kate took off into the jungle, with Locke and Sayid in pursuit. She wants to rescue Jack, and she was looking for Roussou. They found her, and Kate explained how Alex is her daughter and they can get her back, along with Jack.

Next weeks episode looks promising, the Eye-Patch guy is coming!

4 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 310

  1. Just saw this one on Tivo about an hour ago. I loved it. Hurley is my favorite character though, and I was laughing my ass off when the reporter was interviewing him.

  2. haha, yeah so was I. like i said, i enjoyed it, but this is definitely one time where i can understand people who wanted to see more about the overall story.

  3. Loved when Sawyer called Hurley “Jumbotron”, and again when he called the dead guy “Skeletor”. So much comedy in this episode.

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