Lost: Episode 311

I really enjoyed this episode. It had plenty of the interactions between island members that we all love, but also deepened the mystery of the Others and the DHARMA Initiative. I will recap the episode by the different stories going on.

Main Camp
Sawyer sees Paulo with “his” Gun’s & Ammo, and gets annoyed that everyone took his stuff while he was gone. Paulo says they now share everything, but the hillbilly can have his magazine back. I wish Sawyer would have knocked Paulo out, sorry he just grates on my nerves (probably because he is with Nikki).

The group then carries out a ping-pong table that Jin found from the Hatch. Hurley says they just need a ball to play. Naturally Sawyer has one and he offers them a deal. Whoever they elect beats him, they can keep his stuff, if he loses then they can decide that side of the bet. Sun suggests he cannot use nicknames for a week.

Hurley chooses to play Sawyer and asks if they will be using the mercy rule. After the serve Hurley spikes Sawyer’s return, and it is obvious that he is good. Later Sawyer says that Hurley is a hustler, but Hurley says that he had a table in his basement and also at the Inst-I mean place I used to hang out. Sawyer goes to insult him, but Hurley reminds him that his name is either Hurley or Hugo. He tells Sawyer that he did okay, scoring three points, since most people never score on Hurley.

Hurley then tells Sawyer that Kate will be okay, since she is with Locke and Sayid. Sawyer pretends not to care, but Hurley can see through it and gives Sawyer his dirty magazines back.

The Rescue Party
Sayid, Danielle, Locke, and Kate trek for a few days, following the bearing that Locke got from Mr.Eko’s stick. They come upon the Eye-Patch man’s house, where he has some cows and a horse.

Sayid approaches the house unarmed and is then shot in the arm. When EPM comes out Locke and Kate are waiting for him and get him to drop his gun. They explain they are not the others and EPM fixes Sayid’s arm. He says he is the last survivor of the DHARMa Initiative and has been here for 11 years. He was originally part of the Soviet army, but after the Cold War ended he wanted to do good and answered an ad that said “Want to Save the World.”

Sayid tells Kate that EPM is lying and that he is really one of the Others. They knock him out and tie him up and search the place. Locke plays chess with a computer, which was obvious that EPM would escape and take him hostage, but he played anyway. Locke beats the game and the guy from the instructional videos starts asking questions, such as if he needed to contact the mainland or use the sonar, which were both inoperative. The last question asks if the station was overrun by hostiles.

Underneath the station is a basement with all sorts of manuals and other storage items. They also discover that the station is wired with C4 explosive. Also, the black chick we saw when Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley were captured is down there. They take her upstairs to find Locke held at gunpoint. The black chick and EPM speak in Russian, and then EPM shoots her. Locke tries to get free, but EPM head-butts him and Sayid comes over and beats his ass. Anyone else think Sayid is the Iraqi Jack Bauer?

EPM tells Sayid that he will never lead them to the Others homes, and Sayid tells him he does not need him to. Sayid found a cable map which shows where the Barracks are. EPM threatens that when their guard is down, he will kill them, and Danielle wants to shoot him. Sayid says no, he is his prisoner.

Locke comes out of the station after hitting the code about the island being overrun and tells Sayid what he did. Then the building explodes and Sayid gets pissed and tells them they need to go, since the explosion would draw attention.

This had to deal with Sayid after he left the Iraqi Republican Guard. He is a cook at a restaurant and a customer asks to speak with him. The man tells him that he wants to hire Sayid to be his chef. Sayid goes to the restaurant and meets the man’s wife, and then a bunch of guys jump him.

The man says that Sayid tortured his wife and wants Sayid to admit to it. He keeps denying it, but the man does not believe him. After a few days the wife visits Sayid and tells him a story about a cat and torture. Sayid starts to cry and apologizes for what he did to her. He says that her face haunts him all the time, and she forgives him. She says she will tell her husband she made a mistake and he will be freed.

This is also why Sayid did not want to kill EPM, he does not want to be an animal. He is better than EPM and hopes to prove that, not to anyone, but himself. Also, he probably figures having a hostage may help rescue Jack. Okay that’s just my theory.

3 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 311

  1. I watched only the first season – the show moves too slowly for me, so I quit tuning in. Lots of these people are completely unfamiliar to me, but I am not surprised that none of the original mysteries have yet been revealed.

  2. The show has excellent character development. Whenever something bad happens to a character, it really affects the viewer. Or at least me.

  3. I’m not even sure why I’m still watching Lost. Hurley is my absolute favorite character, so I really enjoyed his flashback, but aside from that… meh.

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