Lost: Episode 312

Go ahead, give up on the show. I will stick by it, and enjoy it every week. It is either that, or ummm, well nothing.

Main Group
The episode starts with Claire waking up and finding a nice fruit platter prepared for her. Charlie comes over and tells her that he made a breakfast picnic and that he is no longer depressed and wants to seize the day. When they get down to the beach, Desmond comes over with a gun and says that Charlie should come hunting with him.

Claire sees a flock of birds and thinks one of them is tagged. She wants Sun and Jin help her try and catch one of them. She asks Sawyer, but he starts to call her a name, but remembers he lost the bet. Charlie thinks it is a bad idea and he goes off with Desmond.

They get ready to catch one of the birds, when a gun goes off scaring it away. Desmond comes out of the woods and Claire starts yelling at him. She then breaks up with Charlie for not helping her and thinks there is something wrong with the way he and Desmond have been acting.

Later in the day she follows Desmond and he comes upon a bird and is able to grab it. Claire demands to know how he knew it would be there. Desmond explains to her that the rocks near there were where Charlie died. He explains everything to Claire and she returns to Charlie and lets him know that he is not alone and that she wants him in her life.

You guessed it, a Claire flashback, and this one did not involve any crazy psychics. This one starts with Claire and her “mum” getting into a car accident. The wreck leaves Claire’s mom a vegetable. Claire (who is sporting some sexy black hair) fights with her aunt, and we get the sense that Claire was kind of a bitch to her mom. Claire and the aunt find out that some American is paying for the hospital bill.

On one of Claire’s trips to visit her mom, the nurse says an American doctor is seeing her. When Claire goes in, guess who is there? No, not Jack, but close: Jack’s dad. That guy gets around, well between here and Australia. It turns out he has been footing the bill, and Claire wants to know why, the aunt does not want her to find out. Jack’s dad tells Claire that he is her father (no, he does not go: Claire, I am your father. Search your feelings. Although if he had the James Earl Jones voice, that would rock).

Later they get coffee, and Claire learns that he used to come see her, but her aunt hated him, and her mother hated that he had another family. He tells Claire that she should let him euthanize her mom. Claire gets angry and wants him out of her life.

After she is pregnant, she sees her mom and tells her that she is pregnant and giving it up for adoption. She says how she was sorry for being a bad daughter and also for saying all those horrible things in the car.

Important thing from this flashback: Jack and Claire are brother/sister, I really hope they never had sex or anything. Also, since Jack delivered the baby, he saw his sister’s private parts, ewe gross.

Rescue Party
There was a lot of walking. EPM answers Kate’s questions and says they could not understand how they got to the island, since they are not on the list. He then mentions someone more powerful than Ben as in charge. Kate is upset that he could presume to know that they are flawed, and Sayid says that he knows that EPM is not omniscient. EPM retorts that he does not know them at all, and gives their full names, and then looks at Locke and starts to say how he is different, and he is then cut off.

They come to the barracks, and it is surrounded by giant pylons. The EPM says they no longer work, but Locke decides to test the theory out by pushing EPM through. He is hit by a sonic blast that kills him, in a most painful way. Anyone think Locke did it to save his own ass? Is he that worried that people will find out he was in a wheelchair, or that he does not want to leave the island?

Then Kate says they will go over it, and Sayid goes to grab the ax out of Locke’s bag and finds some of the C4, Sayid is definitely not trusting Locke anymore. Remember when Locke seemed all-knowing, then slightly nuts, and now he is just weird.

They get over the fence and make their way towards the barracks, once there they see an odd site. houses, people riding bikes, playing catch. Wait a minute, who is that sexy wide receiver? JACK??? He and Tom are just having a grand old time tossing the pigskin. Jack does a little endzone dance, and the Rescue Squad seems a little pissed. While they were busting their asses trying to save him, he is outside playing catch, probably enjoying good food and nice showers and whatnot. Jerk.

Needless to say, I think this episode was more like the first season, it had a little bit of everything. Maybe this is BKV’s influence, who knows. Oh, for your enjoyment, I figured I would give you this picture of Kate I found…

2 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 312

  1. First and foremost, thats a pretty sweet pic of kate.

    besides that, i liked this episode. during the flashback scenes, i didnt really recognize who claires dad was. i just thought it was EPM. it being jacks dad makes more sense though. especially since at no point in the flashbacks did claire stab him in the eye with a letter opener.

    even though im diggin’ the show, i dont understand why they would introduce new characters (hot new characters) and then not utilize them in any way. they dont even get background time, weird.

    and im also glad they gave us an update on the time count – been on the island 80 days (who else thinks that baby is a little too huge for being a couple months old?) – though their idea to put a letter on the leg of a seafaring bird seems somewhat shortsighted. i mean, the first time that thing looks for somethin to eat that letters gettin soaked and useless. oh well.

  2. i thought the same thing about the bird too.

    i heard on tvguide.com that Nikki and Paulo are going to be the subject of the flashbacks in a week or two, and that boone and shannon will also be in the flashbacks…

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