Lost: Episode 313

We finally learned why Locke is in a wheelchair. I will get to that in a moment. The episode was really cool, it only focused on the Rescue Squad and the Others. The flashback delved more into Locke.

Main Story
The squad waits until dark when Jack is alone to see if he wants to be rescued. Sayid and Locke guard the sides of Jack’s little house, and Kate goes in to talk to him. Kate goes in and finds Jack playing the piano. He tells Kate she needs to go, and then motions to the camera watching him.

At that moment some guys storm in with guns, they have Sayid. They ask Kate if anyone else is with them and she says no. Locke slips over to Ben’s house and walks in and tells Ben he wants the submarine. Ben says no, and then Alex comes in and Locke takes her hostage. He then sends Alex to get Sayid’s pack. Ben asks how Locke knows of the sub, and Locke says that Mikhail (EPM) told him before Locke killed him.

Ben realizes that Locke must have the C4 and tells Locke that if he destroys the sub, it will destroy the illusion that people can leave. Ben also tells John that he was born on the island and his lived there his entire life, but some of the others were recruited from the outside world.

They talk about wheelchairs and how Locke became healed when he arrived on the island. Ben wants to explain things to Locke, he tells him to picture a box on the island and whatever you imagine is inside the box. Locke jokes that it better be a large box, so Ben can wish himself a new sub.

Jack goes to see Kate and lets her know that he made a deal with Ben, and he is being allowed off the island, tonight. He will get help for the rest when he gets home. Locke leaves Ben and Jack/Juliet come in and Jack wants Ben to let Kate and Sayid to let them go back to their side of the island.

As Jack and Juliet walk toward the sub, Locke comes up to them. Jack asks what he is doing, and Locke responds “Sorry.” Then the sub explodes. Ben visits a captured Locke and tells him that he does not understand how Locke has some communion with the island, but Locke must be very important. Ben tells him that he found something in the box, and he wants to show Locke, what is it you ask? I will tell you in a minute.

Locke is depressed and pretty much feeling sorry for himself. Peter Talbot comes to him and wants to know about a man that is about to marry his mother. Locke looks at the picture, and it is his father. Peter says that he found out that the guy used another name and had a kidney transplant and that Locke was the donor. Peter wants to know if the guy is trustworthy. Locke says he does not know him, that it was an anonymous donation.

Locke travels to wear his father is and wants him to break off the wedding, and to stop conning the extremely rich woman. Locke goes home and runs into a couple of detectives, who tell him that Peter was found dead.

Locke goes to see his father again and asks if he killed Peter. Cooper says no, because there is no profit in murder and that Peter’s mother broke off the wedding because of his death. When Locke turns around, Cooper charges him and pushes him through the window, and Locke breaks his back.

Later the detectives tell him that Cooper fled to Mexico and that they will continue to try and find him. Locke is then lifted by his therapist into his wheelchair and he begins to cry.

Locke being knocked out a window was one of the more shocking things I have seen on this show. I did not expect it, I thought Cooper might shoot him or something, but when he knocked him out of a window, I had to rewind it and watch it again.

This brings me back to what is in the room that Ben is showing Locke? Cooper, bound and gagged. What a crazy island, I hope no one thinks of me and I just teleport onto the island.

The picture is of Tania Raymonde, the chick who plays Alex.

One thought on “Lost: Episode 313

  1. It seems to me that Lost is losing its touch with its roots when non fans come into the room and watch randomly for a half hour then ask “what show is this?” after answering, the question became “i thought that show took place on a desert island?!?” I mean, after a half hour, one should be able to what the setting is.

    I’m still diggin it though.

    How old is Locke supposed to be? either way, his dad is at least 20 years older. and i’ll be damned if a 60+ year old dude pushes me through a window. even if its by surprise.

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