Lost: Episode 314

What a great freakin’ episode! Full of hotness, answers, and death. You really cannot beat that. This week featured Nikki and Paulo, who they are and why they have not been seen with everyone else.

It starts out with Nikki stripping and then going to see the club leader, Billy Dee Williams, who then shoots her. Turns out Nikki was an actress on a show called Expose. Also turns out she was sleeping with the producer of the show.

Hurley and Sawyer are playing ping-pong, when Nikki comes running out of the jungle, she looks like she is about to pass out. She says something that neither understands. And then she collapses, Hurley thinks says she’s dead.

In the next flashback, Nikki is eating breakfast with the producer and it turns out his new chef is Paulo. The guy then dies, and Paulo and Nikki take a key off him and open his safe. They steal something that is worth about eight million dollars.

The flashbacks then start going back from their first moment on the island to the present. It turns out they have been looking for whatever they stole, since it was in their bag, which fell onto the island somewhere. They discover the plane with Eko’s brother, they discover the second hatch before anyone finds the first one.

They go to the lake where Jack found the guns, and Paulo dives in, he sees his bag, but tells Nikki that it was not at the bottom. He then goes back down, and gets the little pouch and some nicotine gum.

He decides to hide the pouch, which is full of diamonds, in the second hatch toilet. While he is there, Ben and Juliet come in and start talking about Jack and how they will force him to do the operation. Paulo could have prevented things, or something. They leave, but one of them leaves a walkie-talkie, which Paulo takes.

Later, when Locke takes the group to the second hatch, Paulo gets the diamonds from the bathroom, which is why he was in there. Makes sense now. Nikki and Paulo start to come closer together, until Nikki finds his nicotine gum, which lets her know he has the diamonds.

She asks Sawyer for a gun, he tells her no, she gets mad and storms off, prompting Sawyer to ask “who the hell are you anyway?” She tells Paulo she found the diamonds and they go into the jungle, she throws a Medusa spider on him, which bites him on the neck paralyzing him.

The pheromones from the spider attract a bunch more and Paulo gets a bunch of bites, and then Nikki gets bitten. She runs out of the jungle, buries the diamonds, and then comes to Sawyer and Hurley.

The group starts investigating the death of Nikki and they discover Paulo dead as well. Hurley thinks that Nikki said “Paulo lies.” Sawyer thought powerlines. Sun thinks the Others killed them, and after they find the walkie-talkie they are convinced of it. Charlie decides to tell Sun that it was he who actually kidnapped her because of Sawyer’s plan.

People start to think Sawyer was involved because Desmond saw Nikki yelling at Sawyer about a gun. Sawyer explains and says he did not kill them. He then shows them the diamonds and while they are burying them, they dump them in the grave. Sun punches Sawyer.

In the final flashback, as Nikki comes out of the jungle, we are able to understand what she said to Hurley and Sawyer: Paralyzed. As Sawyer and Charlie dump dirt on her, she opens her eyes, but neither sees it. She is buried alive.

What a shame, look at these pictures, she was absolutely smokin’…

3 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 314

  1. I really thought this was a great episode. Even though it essentially had nothing to do with the overall storyline, that ultimately means nothing to me. I was very much entertained by nikki and paulo’s storyline, as well as nikki’s tight body.

    I did wonder how sawyer knew where to find the diamonds. when nikki buried them it seemed pretty randomly placed. and either way, it was a dumb idea to get rid of em. even for the principle of it. give the rescuers a year, minimum, before making stupid decisions like that.

    and on a side note, i was talking to some ppl at work about older episodes and some thought that locke didnt actually blow up the sub, just made it seem that way, using such evidence as the fact that he was wet when found by jack, yet was seen entering the sub directly from the pier so there was no reason for him to ever touch the water upon exiting. im not that observant so i didnt notice it. makes sense though. any thoughts?

  2. I think Sawyer backtracked Nikki and was watching the ground, since they noticed the dirt under her nails….Or dumb luck.

    That does make sense, unless he decided to put the C4 somewhere on the outside of the sub. Perhaps the bottom, to make sure it would sink. But, I do like the idea that he did not actually sink it.

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