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If you do not watch this show, well there may be something wrong with you. Yeah I know, it’s like Dawson’s Creek, with superpowers, but it is so much fun, and there are always comic book references which are fun to catch.

This week featured stars, Kane and Ashley from the WWE. Kane plays Titan, a Phantom Zone escapee, who kills people on an internet fight club. Clark tracks him down and wants to fight him.

Clark has been upset lately since Lana married Lex, even though right before that she told Clark she was going to leave Lex for him. Clark has been taking his anger out on a meteor freaks and other criminals. His battle with Titan was pretty good. Titan beat the crap out of him at first, drawing blood, but Clark proved why he is the Man of Steel. In the end, he defeats Titan, actually he kills him, and at the end of it all, he feels pretty crappy about it. Luckily Martha is there to help him out.

Over at KryptonSite they mention how when he goes to the fight club, Clark is wearing all black, like when he is affected by RedK and his Kal-El persona comes out. I think the black leather choice was more to show the fight promoter that he was badass, I mean, wearing a flannel would not look cool in that kind of arena.

Supposedly the series finale may feature Bizarro, and Martian Manhunter will show up again very soon. Also, Green Arrow will probably not be showing up any more, which sucks, he was a good character.

Anyways, here are some pictures to enjoy, Lois almost kissed Ashley, which was pretty hot.

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  1. what are you saying about dawsons creek? that show was awesome. why must you imply that there is a valid reason why one would not watch it? i think its one of maybe 3 or 4 shows that have lasted over 5 seasons in which ive actually seen every episode.

    and yet ive never seen a single episode of smallville. ever. ah well.

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