State Patrick’s Day

Ugh, where do I start? Students and the bars here in State College decided to complain because Penn State scheduled Spring Break during St.Patrick’s Day. I guess the bars will lose money and students will not be here to get loaded. So, the bars figured why not make today State Patrick’s Day. Right now a bunch of drunken morons are running around downtown wearing all sorts of green crap.

I will not make this into one of my normal St.Patrick’s Day rants (I will that for the actual day), but I figured I would comment on some of the stupid stuff I have seen so far while being outside.

First off, fat chicks should not wear tight clothes. Also, Ugg boots need to go. They suck. Especially green ones.

I saw a nice little fight between a guy and girl tonight, it amused me. I could hear them arguing as they came down the sidewalk, and when I looked up he just stormed away from her. She tried to hurry to catch him and she saw me and just rolled her eyes. She then stopped to light a cigarette, which caused him to stop, come back and bum a smoke from her. He then walked away from her, she started to follow and he stopped, which caused her to stop, about eight feet behind him. It continued for like fifteen minutes, it kind of looked like the Sims, when a character goes and someone is following them and they keep stopping behind them.

I watched for awhile, wondering if he was going to strike her. He seemed very angry and she really seemed like she did not care, which made me think “why not just leave? Go to a bar, meet a different guy.” They continued this game for awhile, all the way up to Old Main. I finally bored of it and went inside, but seriously this guy looked like the type that would smack his girlfriend around, and that is something that I find detestable. Oh, and he was wearing a Red Sox beanie, which makes him an automatic douchebag.

Mardi Gras beads are great, if you are in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. If girls want to wear beads, they should be willing to earn them the old fashioned way. Also, ladies remember this: it was around 50 today, but it was chilly tonight, skirts and hoochie shirts (which I approve of whole heartedly) are probably a bad idea. Do not bitch when you are all sick next week. If you do not bitch, well then go ahead and wear them, just do not get pissed when guys look at you.

Unfortunately I could not find any pictures online of drunken stupidity yet, hopefully I can, just to show the rest of you how this is a ridiculous pseudo-holiday.

12 thoughts on “State Patrick’s Day

  1. I’d say douchebag because of the beanie. But in my mind: to hell with Red Sox and Yankees (go Orioles… ugh). Anyways, girls are pretty stupid when it comes to dressing themselves at the bar. They wear revealing clothing, or clothing that has something written across their chest or ass, then get pissed when guys stare. Here’s an idea, DON’T DRESS LIKE A WHORE OR WEAR STUFF WITH WORDS ON IT. Pretty simple concept. I also get pissed when they complain about being sick or the cold when they are wearing next to nothing. Hell, sometimes I wish they contract crabs in the bathroom. Stupid people… if there was a law to exterminate them, half the population would be dead. Sorry, I had to deal with some stupid drunk shit a week ago. I’m a little bitter.

  2. Greg…i hate the Red Sox. also hate the Patriots. their fans annoy me.

    Zig…yeah, umm, the Orioles, about as much of a deadend to root for as the pirates.

    meander…well i am glad i crack you up, and everyone should own at least one hoochie shirt, hell i own 3. umm, wait, no i don’t. nevermind.

  3. I own a hoochie… bitch owes me money.

    Yeah, I hate the Orioles strategy… get guys from the minors, they become get players in the majors, trade them away or let them go…. get nothing in return but a crappy record and people laughing at them. Ah… reminds me of my football team the Redskins. Dan Snyder = buy a bunch of players/coaches who are big names and not actually build a team. Yep. Stupid owners.

  4. Ngewo – I lived the first 30 years of my life in Connecticut. Hate the RedSox? Hate the Patriots? Not sure I can continue in good faith to read your blog.

    I think this is the second time this month I’ve made that threat though. 😉

  5. Spinner and Tim came up to State for this. They tried to make me come, too, but I figured I didn’t need to drive 3 hours to be annoyed at a bar when I can just do it in Pittsburgh. Then I realized that I am a very old 25. And Greg winks too much.

  6. Greg…i never had a problem with either team, until a few years ago. in baseball it was when the yankees traded for ARod and all the redsox fans complained. They failed to mention that they too were trying to get ARod, and they whined way too much about the “curse.”

    the patriots…well i am a steelers fan and seeing the pats defeat them a few times in the playoffs, kind of annoyed me.

    dan snyder is a moron.

    allison…yeah, i didn’t go out either, did not want anything to do with the stupidity.

  7. I went to philly to partake in the pre – st. patty’s day debauchery out there. it was a good time. put in a healthy 12 hours of drinking on saturday.

    with regards to hoochie-wear, because of some conversations with the ladies recently ive come to the conclusion that they actually dont get pissed when guys stare. they expect that, and even desire it. the things that actually piss them off are when people say/scream random/demeaning things from across the room or when people stare at non facial areas during actual conversation.

    there was actually a pretty funny situation just the other day: i was walkin around and up ahead of me i saw this smokin hot lass(at least from behind) up ahead of me with painted on sweatpants with “pink” or “tight” or some other foolishness across the tail. well i obviously admired this spectacle from afar and set my pace such that i could maintain the view for as long as possible.

    anyways, the comedy began when i noticed the first dude give her the ol’ double take. the next guy walkin towards her didnt look directly at her, but i noticed him givin her the ol’ peripheral attention, then when he passed her he full on turned around, almost bending over to belt level. at this point i decided to count how many people gave her this treatment. well over the next 2 blocks, where she turned :(,it was 100%. it was straight out of a movie: people turning and saying most likely impure things to her, judging from their smirks after she ignored them; people obviously with girlfriends waiting for just the right moment for the gf to be distracted by a bird or something to sneak a glance at this little slice of feminine perfection; guys in deep conversation with each other, oblivious to everything around them, except for when they were within the apparent sex aura of this goddess because they both shut up simultaneously and stared for a split second, then when she passed shook off the spell and resumed talking; it all was pretty amazing. guys are awesome.

  8. gideon…haha, i love that you stalk this hot girl for a few blocks and call it an experiment. not that i haven’t done the same thing before. i used to walk way out of my way for classes because there was a hot girl.

  9. I stalk the copy room at work because there’s a guy on my floor with a really hot ass and every once in a while, he’s in there and it’s like open season. (staring-wise…unfortunately.) or I wait til he walks past and then follow him down the hall only to fake out at the last minute for water.

    it’s probably more noticable in an office than on the street….damnit.

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