Stupid Heritage

This post will probably offend or annoy some people, and well I am sorry for that, but I said back in my StatePatricks’s Day post that I would mention why I am anti-St.Patrick’s Day. Well I figure today is a good day for that.

My problem has nothing to do with a stupid holiday, but more about the way people want to brag up their cultural heritage. Usually it is the dumbest things too, Irish people say things like “I am Irish, obviously I can drink more than anyone.” Bullshit. Or Italian people “Of course I can cook, I’m Italian.” Look asshole, pouring Ragu into a pot and boiling noodles does not make you a good cook.

My brother told me about a time when he came home from work and his roommate was drinking with some people and says to Adam (my brother, if you didn’t know): “Hey man, lets do a shot of vodka, it’s Gray Goose.” When Adam says no he does not like vodka, the friend replies “How can you not like vodka, you are Russian??” Yeah, our great-grandfather came from Russia. That does not mean that Adam and I drink vodka on a regular basis. These traits are not genetic, there is no chromosome for making spaghetti sauce or drinking Guinness.

American’s are very quick to point out where they are from, even though 9 out of 10 times, they are from America. If you’re grandparents were born in America then you should not be bragging about being from somewhere else. If you cannot speak the language of the country you are claiming to be from, you probably should not be saying you are from there. Hell, if you cannot tell me the capital of the country, then shut the fuck up.

Do Europeans do this kind of thing? Do Germans have Visagoth Pride Day? Do Russians tell people they are part Tar Tar? Somehow I seriously doubt it, because the people in those countries have some sort of national pride. I understand that we are a melting pot, blah blah blah, but at what point do we stop pushing what makes all of us different and start embracing that we are all American?

Another thing that annoys me is when people look at me and try to guess what I am. Let me give you a break down of what I am: Mom’s side-Russian/Slovak, Dad’s side-German, English, Italian, and something else I cannot quite remember. Adam and I get the majority of features from our Mom, dark eyes, dark hair, and a little darker skintone. We have no idea what part of Russian our family came from, but I believe it was probably the south, maybe the areas of Khazikstan or one of those weird ex-USSR countries.

In one of my cultural anthropology classes, we had to watch a slideshow, and try to match the country with where the people were from. It was damn hard, most people missed like 80% of over 100 different peoples.

I am done ranting now, let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Stupid Heritage

  1. Well, I don’t know about “sense” – people are always telling me I have very little of that stuff.
    But who wants sense anyway? Stupid sense.

  2. lol My great-grandma & pa weren’t born here. Neither was my uncle(non-blood relative though)He was born in Columbia.

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