24: 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.

What a great episode! Where to begin? Let me first talk about President Palmer. At the end of the last episode, he is going ahead with the nuclear strike, and at the last moment, the ambassador gives him a General Habib who is working with Fayed. Turns out the nuke was actually a decoy, and the President was bluffing.

Jack and Mike try to work Fayed over, but he will not talk. They take him back to CTU, but on the way get hit by an armored car and Fayed is rescued. Mike and Jack are shot in the process. They get up and we learn that the attack was staged by CTU, they are hoping that Fayed will tell the men where to go.

Fayed will only speak to Habib, and they arrange for it to happen, but Habib gives Fayed a duress code, which causes Fayed to kill the agents and escape. Jack follows him and sees him get into a garbage truck, which Jack holds onto the undercarriage and goes to the safehouse with the nukes.

Jack goes in and shoots everyone, he fights Fayed, hitting him with a giant wrench, biting him, and then finally hanging him with a chain. He tells Fayed to “say hello to your brother.” Very nice. Mike and the team show up and secure the nukes. Mission accomplished, America is safe, yay! BUT, what about the rest of the episodes? What to do now?

Jack gets a phone call, and it is…AUDREY! The Chinese are holding her and want Jack to call a number from a secure line. It appears they are not done with Jack yet. It looks like the rest of this season will be Jack rescuing Audrey and destroying China.

Kill Count: 7, I think. My next week guess: 1.

3 thoughts on “24: 10:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.

  1. Yeah, I also think its weird that they’re ending the main plot so early (any idea how many episodes are left? i dont remember when the day started)

    then again, maybe theyre. maybe theres some really stupid link between whats going on in china and the current u.s. crisis. yes, i called it stupid. no matter what the reasoning is, if there is indeed a link it’ll be stupid just on principle.

    this episode, though, was the opposite of stupid. it was great. i do think its sad that fayed was able to kill all 3 of the ctu’ers before any of em could do anything.

  2. yeah, if there is a link between china and fayed/gradenko, then it will be quite weird.

    i thought it was a bit weird, but i just could not imagine how much further they could push this story without it being just stupid. i mean, how many times could fayed and the nukes slip through their fingers. and if they were that close, why not just blow up downtown LA (like Fayed said before Jack shot everyone.)

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