24: 11:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.

So, the Chinese want Jack to steal some chip from the suitcase nuke which will give them access to Russian defense technology. Jack agrees, but needs Chloe’s help. Morris figures out what she is doing and makes her tell Bill.

Mike arrests Jack. Bill talks to Jack, and then calls the President, who gives Jack permission to go through with the plan, as long as Jack can guarantee that the chip will not fall into Chinese hands. Jack says he will blow himself up if it comes down to it. Jack finally pulls the “you owe me” card, by saying that the President was willing to have Jack killed in order to stop Fayed, which Jack did not argue against.

As Jack and Mike go to meet the Chinese, President Palmer collapses and has a cerebral hemorrhage, leaving him incapable of leading the country. VP Daniels takes over and his first act is to nix the mission.

Bill calls Mike, but Jack knows something is up and pulls a gun on Mike. He kicks him out of the truck and goes off on his own. Mike tells Jack that he cannot fight the White House, I guess Mike has not read Jack’s file. Jack always goes against Presidential orders, and he always wins. Hell, Jack took down a President last season, let’s be honest here. Jack will do whatever it takes to defeat anyone.

Jack did not kill anyone, but he says that he will kill Chang before it is over. I guess next week he kills 3 people.

2 thoughts on “24: 11:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.

  1. was it just me or did i see a bazooka in the scenes from next week? if the user is on the ctu side, well a bazooka just doesnt seem very tactical to me. and if he’s on the chinese side, what situations did they think they were gonna be in where a bazooka would be necessary?

    and also, it seems that the chinese knew enough about the terrorist plot to figure they might have a possible bargaining opportunity at some point. if thats the case, why the heck would they set up shop in L.A., where there could potentially be nuclear explosions?

    6 or so episodes left – plenty of time for one more incomprehensible plot twist/double agent revelation. i cant wait!
    (and im being serious here, not sarcastic. even my comments about the bazooka were out of excitement. realism is no longer a necessity; only explosions, punches to the throat, and hot chicks hacking satellite feeds and sending schematics using Vcast)

  2. Yeah it definitely seems like the Chinese knew more about this than they were letting on.

    Any guesses what the plot twist will be? Chloe is the real puppet mastermind behind everything since season 1. Will Jack bring down his father? That was left open, needs to be taken care of.

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