24: 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.

I have to say, I did not watch the first half hour, I was busy watching the Pirates win. Sorry. That being said, the last twenty minutes I did see were pretty good, but from what I have read online, it seems like that was the only good point in the show.

I guess the first half of the episode was basically like being back in American Government in 10th grade. Yeah, I have seen that joke on like 4 different sites/message boards about last nights episode.

When I came in, Gradenko was telling Fayed that he had a wire/transmitter. Jack does not like what is going on, and decides to go in. He finds Gradenko’s arm on the ground. He starts tracking them.

Gradenko and Fayed go into a bar, and Gradenko does the coolest thing ever. He starts yelling that Fayed is the terrorist. Fayed shoots a guy and starts hitting people, but is eventually overwhelmed. Gradenko escapes, Jack comes in and stops the crowd from killing Fayed.

Gradenko goes outside, toward the ocean and collapses with waves coming over him. I am sure he will survive, be washed out to sea and probably hijack a nuclear sub. Jack now has Fayed in custody, which judging from the preview will not last very long.

President Palmer decides to launch the nuke so that VP Daniels does not think he is a pussy. His rationale was a little silly, and I am still annoyed that we are having another VP trying to take the presidency/may be a bit crazy or evil…

Kill count: 2, I was right again. Next week, I say 3.

4 thoughts on “24: 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.

  1. Lots of ‘holy shit!’ moments this week.

    1- Holy shit! That guy just cut off his ARM?!!?

    2- Holy shit! Palmer is gonna nuke the place anyway?!!?

  2. i dig the nuke chase segments a lot more than the politico segments. the whole presidential plotline is getting a little ridiculous. my only hope concernting that is that all the adrenaline palmers taking is making him go nutty and he eventually goes hulk and hunts down gradenko and fayed and breaks their necks with his bare hands. then collapses and dies and chloe is appointed president. mainly because i think her first bill in office would be to make the entire nation one big wi-fi hotspot. she’d get my vote for that.

    and how far did gradenko honestly think he’d get with a hacked off limb? didnt he see saw?

  3. Yeah, he obviously did not think too far ahead on that on. Did you know that Palmer was the principle on Buffy during the final season? i watched an episode this morning, he and spike had a nice battle (turned out that palmers mom was the second slayer that spike killed…)

    i guess if you do not watch the show, you have no clue what i am talking about.

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