3 Strike Outs

I watched the Pirates game tonight. Why? So I could see Freddy Sanchez single, LaRoche and Bay walk. Bases loaded, no outs, down 3-1, this could get interesting. What did I say before Nady started his at-bat? “Strike out, then double play.” Well I was close, only the Pirates managed three consecutive strikeouts. Sadly, I have seen them do it before.

It is probably a good thing that they do suck perpetually and have prepared me for these eventualities. If not, my TV would have a brick heaved through it. Yes I keep a brick on-hand at all times for such emergencies.

On a sidenote, at least my fantasy team is doing well, I think I am raping the shit out of Ryan. Insert dirty/gay joke about Ryan now.

2 thoughts on “3 Strike Outs

  1. i was a little upset that last night i had 4 starters pitch, 2 of whom had an era of 0, and got no wins.

    i couldve really used em too…

  2. that does suck, if zambrano would start pitching up to par for himself i would be great, but my other starters are rocking it, so i’m okay.

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