Crazy Person

Earlier today I had a run in with a crazy guy. It would be cool, but it was kind of scary. Here is the story for everyone. Hope you enjoy.

I am standing outside my apartment, having a cigar and this weird guy (about 35-40 years old) walks up to me and stands beside me. He asks me “are you smoking that?” Of course I replied yes and continue to ignore him. He then asks my name and I tell him Josh. He says “no, you are not Josh.” And now I really ignore him. He then mumbles to himself for a bit and then starts to say something like “where would a bloke find mumble mumble?” I ask him what he said and he says “if you were Josh, you would know.” He walks away.

I continue to smoke my cigar and look up the street and see the guy coming back towards me, so I finish and toss my cigar out and start to head back up my apartment, but not without a glance back at the guy. He starts sprinting at me. So, I run up to my apartment, I hear him come into my building and he is yelling after me.

I lock the door and can hear him outside my door saying weird shit like “hey, I just wanna talk to you.” And he continues to walk around my building for like five minutes.

Needless to say, I did not go back out again for awhile, mostly since the Pirates were on, but also I did not want to deal with some crazy guy. Weird…