Drive Series Premiere

At first I saw the previews for this show and thought it would be dumb, but after awhile I decided to give it a shot, mainly because I think Nathan Fillion is a cool actor. Needless to say I was quite happy last night after watching the premiere.

Fillion plays Alex Tully, who at the beginning of the show is talking with the cops because his wife is missing. After they leave the box she left for him that was his anniversary present starts to ring, he opens it and answers the phone inside. A man tells him to come to Key West if he wants answers about his wife, and that he needs to leave now.

When he gets there, he has missed the orientation, but he learns that he must participate in a cross-country race for $32,000,000. He leaves and hops in his shitty old truck and gets the first clue, a cryptic message about taking the red eye to Jupiter. On his way a guy starts slamming into him and tries to run him off the road, all of a sudden a chick jumps out of the bed of his truck and gets in with him and tells him to drive. She reads the message and says they need to go to Jupiter, Florida because there is a lighthouse there.

At first he does not trust her because she keeps lying to him, but then she explains that she was once the bait. She was kidnapped and put at the finish line, and she watched her parents race to the finish line and die in a car wreck. She also knows that people have money riding on Tully, that he is important. He decides to let her be his partner

The show seems like it will have lots of crazy things happening with people working for the shadow group that runs the race, such as a trucker picking up Tully and actually having his wife in the back of the truck. Or the waitress who tells Mrs. Patrakas that she needs to eliminate the other girl.

It also seems like some people are in the race because they want to be in it, and others, like Tully and Mrs. Patrakas want a loved one back.

There are also some very interesting characters:
Alex Tully and Corrina Wiles: The main two of the show, but each has secrets. Alex is sleep deprived and may be somewhat crazy, he keeps talking to his wife, Kathryn, who is not there. Corrina knows much about the race and seems to be keeping it from Tully. Also, why did they choose Tully? He drives a crappy truck and seems to be a landscaper, but something tells me he had military background or something, because he seems like a fighter.

Violet Ashton and her father: Her dad is a professor of astrophysics, and he is going to die in a year. He seems like he is doing this because he wants to either secure his daughter’s future/do something exciting, but this will probably turn into a bonding experience for the two. Violet is played by Emma Stone.

Rob and Ellie Laird:
She deletes a message that says he is to get back to base, which leaves him AWOL. He also uses his military connections to help with clues, or to talk truckers into boxing in a competitor. Also, the chick is hot.

Wendy Patrakas:
She is in the race for her child. She is quite timid and finishes last in the first leg. She is told she must eliminate one of the girls in another car, Ivy. They give her a gun. She is told that by the end of the day Ivy must not be in that car. Wendy follows them and shoots out their tire. She then tells them that she cannot let Ivy go. Ivy hears what Wendy was told and says “well then, I guess I will be your partner.” And she shoots the remaining tires. At the end of the next leg, Wendy is told she passed the elimination and that she was clever.

The Two Latino Brothers:
One is the rich kid, the other is the poor gangbanger. Winston is the badass, I think the rich one is Sean. Anyways, Sean never knew about Winston, and when he finds out, he wants to piss their father off, so he joins Winston in the race. Winston just got out of jail.

Anyways, this show has that Lost/Heroes connection thing going on. Plenty of secrets and lots of action. I do not think this show will be focused on the actual race, but more getting there and figuring out clues and learning about the characters. So, it is not Fast and the Furious or something like that.

I would probably recommend this to all of you who are tired of not getting answers from Lost, this might give you those answers quickly. Enjoy the picture of Kristin Lehman.