Drive Three

At the Drive-In, the racers get their next clue. They learn that someone, whoever it was that improved the most from the last two checkpoints to this checkpoint, will get a challenge to skip over the next one.

Alex is the winner. They go to the town, with the Salazar brothers trying to follow, and realize they are to rob a bank. They then go back and find Winston and agree to let them help them and share in the lead.

Winston wants to just go in the day and rob it real quick, but Alex is against that idea. They go at night. Sean says he can use a computer program to hack the vault (don’t ask me what he was talking about).

They break in, and Sean gets the vault open. They grab the safety deposit box, but then a security guard comes in and has a gun on them. Alex sneaks up on him and tries to take him, but the guard is tough, knocks Sean out and takes Alex down. The rest attack and then there are two gunshots. Sean shoots the guard, but not before getting hit himself.

They go to a motel, and Alex tells Corrina and Winston to wait there, while he takes Sean to get help.

Rob calls the base and finds out he is AWOL. He is pissed at Ellie and says he has to go turn himself in. He throws the race phone out the window.

The two black chicks get kicked out of the race and must turn their phone in. The one says she heard a voice from god telling her they’d win. She sees Rob’s car and starts to follow it, and then gets his phone when he tosses it. They are ran after the road after they figure out the clue and the driver dies. The other chick takes the phone and hitches to the destination.

Wendy and Ivy continue on their way, but when Wendy hears that people are watching where she has Sammy (I guess the race people do not have him, or something, I am confused), she wants to go to him.

Ivy pulls the gun on Wendy. Wendy says she can have the car, but Ivy cannot drive. Interesting. Who enters a race and cannot drive? Hot chicks, that’s who.

The clue was “Surrender, America.”
The answer: Appomattox, Virginia, where Lee surrendered to Grant.