Drive Two

Alex gets picked up by a cop who thinks he was the getaway driver during a heist that his old partner got shot. Tully keeps denying it, but then says that he would admit to anything if he could get his wife back. The cop then tells him that Landscaper Alex Tully cannot get his wife back, but the old Alex Tully can, he then shows him that the holding cell is fake, and that there is Tully’s old car. Turns out that Tully used to be a getaway driver, and he was damn good at it. After getting the car, he picks up Corrina and they pass everyone at breakneck speeds and then make it to Rome before anyone.

Violet teaches her dad how to lie, but then it turns out he is on the phone with his doctor, who wants him to make sure he has his medication. I wonder if he will tell Violet about his condition?

Rob and Ellie were in the lead, but then after Rob finds out that someone he knew got killed in Iraq, he tries to call the base to find out if he needs to get back. Ellie throws his phone out the window. She tells him that she wants to win because she wants him to quit the army and not get killed, but she knows he will not do that.

Winston gets picked up for violating his parole, but Sean rescues him by calling their fathers one lawyer and basically saying that he would never see Sean again unless they helped Winston. Winston is released, and they get back on the road.

Wendy and Ivy really did not do too much in the episode, since it was mostly focused on Alex. I will say that they might be a very funny odd couple. Ivy met the girls she was with during Hurricane Katrina, where she helped move people out of the hospital and onto high ground. She was a local hero.

Turns out that Tully used to be a semipro racecar driver before he met Kathryn, and that she helped put him back together. I guess he must have been into some pretty bad shit.

Once in Rome, they go to the drive-in and a movie starts to play, but then the episode ends before we get to watch it, hmm. I also wanted to say that the show has excellent music. I do not know if they doing remixes of great classic rock songs, or if they have a band covering them, but they are really cool. My favorite so far has been Roadhouse Blues by the Doors.

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  1. Yeah I saw this episode when I was home and this show is surprisingly good. Nathan Fillion is a great actor and perhaps very underrated (much like William H. Macy and other actors) but I like all his work, espeically Firefly which was a phenomenal show. The movie based on the series (Serenity) was also well done and I actually will drop what I am doing to watch it. Serenity is an 8, maybe 8.5 on my scale. Anyways I just thought I’d give my few cents.

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