Fantasy Baseball Results Week 2

After the second week I am in first place with 16-5-3 record. Last week I beat Buccubs 9-3. I destroyed him in almost all hitting categories. Leading the way for me were A-Rod and Carlos Lee. I also got a huge complete game from King Felix.

I traded Hank Blalock for Rickie Weeks and right now I am shopping him or any of my other 2B/3B for a solid mid tier relief pitcher. Offord mentioned trading one of his RPs, but he wants a Top 10 OF, which I have Lee, but do not want to part with him. I may be willing to trade JD Drew, although I do not consider him one of the top ten.

This week I play Ryan, who is in last place, and after this week will continue to be in last place. Okay, just a bit cocky there, but my team has started off extremely well, which is odd for me. Last two years I have started out so slow and had to make up ground the rest of the season.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Results Week 2

  1. your team is hitting well, which is good to see, since that was probably a concern for you after the draft, your power and rbi numbers.

    that carlos lee trade is working out well for you, and i wouldn’t part with him if i were you.

    j.d. drew is definitely not a top ten outfielder, and i doubt offord will part with papelbon for him.

    i have pretty good relievers, and would be willing to part with one of them for a reasonable offer. i got shellacked in saves last week against gideon, who somehow racked up like 10 saves. i don’t even know how you compete against that.

    i’ll be home in time for spidey 3, so get me a ticket, and raj one too, since i owe him, i’ll pay you for both.

  2. I cannot, and will not, be stopped in the saves department. Perhaps its because I have like 40 closers.

    Anyways, as long as I keep winning weeks and hanging around the top 3 or 4 teams, I’m fine with waiting for Pujols to come around. Luckily, my other guys are picking up the slack.

  3. Pujols looks bad at the beginning of the year. I watched the Pirate/Cards game today, and he just does not seem to have it yet, but it’s only a matter of time. He will have one of those ridiculous weeks where he hits like 12 homers and bats like .850. he scares me.

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