Fantasy Baseball Week 1 Results

As promised here are my results from last week:
I beat Matsusaka Mania 7-2-3, which puts me in third place. I did very well in pitching, getting 4 wins, and also did well hitting, mainly in stolen bases. I decided to pick up Iwamura, which means I now have tons of 3B, but would gladly entertain a trade, although sorry Imler, Lyle Overbay is not what I am looking for.

I think I need to get one more strong reliever, which is going to be tough, Torres and Hoffman are what have right now. Hoffman is great, and Torres is starting the season off nicely, but who knows how well he will do.

Well there you have it, my fantasy team is starting off well. Keep up the nice hitting ARod.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week 1 Results

  1. I’m feeling ok about how my team is starting off. Some of my sleeper picks are actually performing well, and the main one i was upset about not getting (solely due to someone not being there during the draft and that person being picked due to draft order) started off great (like i knew he would) then got hurt (hanley ramirez, for those that care) so it’s quasi ok.

    now all i need is for pujols to wake up and i should be good to go.

  2. I too wanted Ramirez, but oh well. It is funny the offers I have gotten for Blalock (Ray Durham, Rickie Weeks…) I guess no one thinks I would want a decent closer. Hell I would give up Iwamora (who I think will have a big year, but will be mostly unnoticed because of DiceK)

  3. yeah, i was trying to start a conversation with lyle overbay. see what you were really intersted in, so i picked a position where you looked like you could use help, and, well, he’s probably good for 90-100 rbis this year, and a good number of hits and avg.

    i hadn’t thought of parting with any of my closers yet. i’ve got decent ones, but i’m not getting a lot of save opportunities.

    i thought my first week turned out ok, but not great, and same with this week. that rash of ppd games against my first week opponent hurt me a good bit.

    i’m not getting the SBs, but a lot of that comes from ppd games and crawford being caught stealing already 3x this season.

    gideon’s team looks good actually in the early going…

    chris duncan is going to do a lot for me this season i think.

    i think a-rod will have a career year for you, and, i wish i had him…

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