Fantasy Baseball Week 3

I absolutely destroyed Ryan’s team. Final score was 10-1, giving me an overall record of 26-6-4, which keeps me in first place. The only stat he beat me in was RBIs, which is fine with me. A-Rod was again my big hitter, 13 RBIs, 5 HR, .370 AVG. Yeah, I’ll take that.

I picked up Josh Hamilton, and he hit me a few homers. Pitching wise, I got great performances out of Ian Snell and finally from Zambrano. This week I am playing Bay+LaRoche=1000RBIs, which is one of Ryan’s friends. I will not be stopped.

One thought on “Fantasy Baseball Week 3

  1. you did own ryan’s team, which is frankly starting out a lot like zig’s team last year.

    a-rod has been so hot its insane. in one of my other leagues i’m playing a a-rod owner this week, i’m just hopin he slows down.

    well, back to studying for finals.

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