Heroes Part Nineteen

Wow, thank god this show is back. It is absolutely amazing. I will go by character as to what happened during the episode.

Claire talks to her grandmother, Angela Petrelli, who tells her that she too has powers. She wants Claire to go to France with her and learn/grow up and then make a decision on what to do.

Claire finally meets her real father, and they decide she should go to Paris until after the election and then she should come home and get to know her family.

It took awhile to get Peter into the episode, but when he was, it was awesome. He and Syler square off, Peter shows off his new tricks, like healing, and turning invisible, but Syler just lifts glass from the ground and mentally tosses it all around, finally hitting Peter in the head. Mohinder takes Peter to his mother. Nathan, Claire, and Angela mourn his death, but then Claire realizes that there is glass stuck in his head and removes it. Peter returns to life.

Nathan begins the episode talking to Linderman. He learns that Linderman has powers as well, he can heal things. He also learns that long ago, Linderman and a bunch of other people with powers set out to make the world a better place, but after awhile they got misguided and started to abuse their power. Linderman wants to heal the world and he seems to have a plan in place. Isaac’s paintings help, and Nathan is to become president so he can lead our country after Peter explodes and kills everyone in NYC, which is only .07% of the population, hence the name of the episode.

Syler comes to Isaac’s apartment after his battle with Peter. Isaac is waiting for him. He says that he knows he will die and that he is glad he was able to paint a way for them to defeat Syler and stop the bomb. Syler kills Isaac and then begins to paint. Isaac also turns in his last issue of 9th Wonders to a bike messenger, who is a huge fan. He gives the guy his sketchbook.

Mr. B, Matt, Teddy
Matt is passed out in his cell at Primatech, and Mr. B wakes him up by thinking really loudly. He gives Matt instructions on how to escape. Matt breaks out and frees Teddy, who Mr.B tells to create an EMP, which Teddy does not know how to do. Mr. B says to think BRIGHT, not HEAT. He does and they break Mr.B out. They escape together and go to discuss the next plan. Matt heard Thompson say that he was sending Candice to see Mr. Linderman, Mr.B did not know that Linderman was their boss. They plan to go to NYC to shut down the power plant that powers their tracking devices.

Jessica still is not interesting, but Micah is. Why did Linderman need Candice? Well she pretended to be Jessica because Linderman needs Micah to help him with his computers so he can save the world. At least Micah is becoming involved in the story.


They are in the future, five years to be exact, outside of Isaac’s apartment. Hiro realizes that the bomb went off, but that he can change it by staying in the future and figuring out where they went wrong. They go into Isaac’s apartment and see a huge timeline. Hiro thinks that Isaac should still be alive because Syler had been captured last time he was back in their time. They here the sound of a sword being unsheathed and Hiro draws his sword, only to come face to face with his future self!

Obvioulsy I left a bunch out, but still this was an awesome episode. My theory is that Linderman, Peter’s dad and mom, Hiro’s dad, and whoever else started out trying to save the world, but become rich and power hungry. Linderman wants to change that, he wants the new batch of heroes to really make a difference.

My other theory still stands, Hiro will go back in the past, and live in the feudal era, where he will become a swordfighter and great leader. Who agrees with me?

5 thoughts on “Heroes Part Nineteen

  1. Maybe it was just me, but the Peter Sylar battle left much to be desired. I was about to cream myself when it started, but I guess it wasn’t time yet for the showdown. It will def happen sometime though.

  2. Offord…you can see that they definitely got a budget boost after the last episode. i do not think it’s time for the big showdown.

    jay…glad you like the synopsis.

  3. this was the first week in which i read the accompanying comic. it was ok, bringing about several ideas that i probably wouldnt have otherwise considered (ie. sylar could be the bomb that blows the city – in peter form at the time, stolen from the shapeshifting chick). i may have to go back and read them all now.

    and i think the big showdown should be between sylar and micah. and it should be “over the top” style. i think thats how wars should be settled too, quite frankly.

  4. gideon….yeah i tried to read them online, but when i heard they are collecting them, i figured screw it. i will just buy them.

    syler vs. micah: umm, yeah. i wonder if micah could manipulate the human body. so far we think of machines only in the metal sense, but the human body is a highly complex machine, all sorts of working parts and what not.

    or micah could just have an atm shoot money at syler, distracting him long enough so that micah could hit him with a wiffle ball bat.

    oh, by the way everyone, if you go to comic book resources and read the interview this week, someone asks about the dreaming from australian mythology (i think) and the writers say that the dude is thinking along the right lines.

    also, another person comes close to nailing the nine thing, they say it has to do with hindu myth, but not the one he thought.

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