Lost: Episode 315

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main the event. Kate versus Juliet. The catfight of the century. Well maybe not, but still pretty cool.

Kate vs Juliet
Kate sees Juliet coming towards her cell, and decides to hit her with a pool cue. She swings and Juliet blocks it and then drops Kate with a nice arm toss. Juliet brought Kate food and now it’s on the floor. Locke comes to tell Kate that he is leaving with the Others. Later as the Others prepare to leave, someone tosses a canister of gas into the room and Kate passes out.

She wakes up in the jungle with Juliet attached to her via handcuffs. They begin their way through the jungle, Kate wants to go back to the barracks for Jack and Sayid. Juliet tells Kate that Jack saw her and Sawyer together and it broke his heart. It starts to rain and they begin to fight, Kate dislocates Juliet’s arm. Then they hear the smoke monster. They hide in the roots of a tree, and lights flash on their faces. Juliet asks what it was.

They get back on their way towards the barracks when the smoke monster chases them again, they come to the pylons and Kate says they cannot go through them. Juliet takes a key out of her pocket and uncuffs Kate, then uses a keypad to turn the energy barrier off, she and Kate go to the other side and Juliet reactivates the code. The smoke monster slams into the force-field, but cannot get through. Juliet tells Kate that yes the Others know about the smoke monster, but they do not know what it is, just that it cannot get through their barrier.

They reach the abandoned barracks, and Kate finds Jack. She apologizes for ruining his chance to get home, but that she was worried about him. Jack then asks about Juliet. Outside, Sayid joins the group and Jack says they should head back home. Sayid says that Juliet is not welcome, but Jack says she is because she was left behind too.

Kate breaks down in Iowa and runs into none other than Cassidy. The girl that Sawyer conned out of her life-savings, and if you remember who he actually did love. Cassidy wants to help Kate, who is trying to see her mother, but the Feds stake out Kate’s home. We learn that the reason Cassidy is helping Kate is because of Sawyer, since Kate killed her step-dad, who was a bad man, and Sawyer is a bad man.

Kate sees her mom, who will never forgive her and Kate is pretty upset. She thanks Cassidy, and asks her for the name of the man who hurt Cassidy, and she will pay him a visit. Cass does not give it because she is pregnant wth his child. I love these little crazy connections.

Back at Camp
Over on the normal side of the island, Hurley tells Sawyer that everyone wants to vote on whether or not Sawyer should be banished. Sawyer laughs at it, but later after failing to be able to gut a fish, he seeks out Hurley to help him win some of the voters.

First thing Hurley has him do is talk to Claire. Sawyer is quite awkward trying to talk to lil’ Aaron, but he gives Claire a blanket and says “I don’t like blankets.” This may have been my favorite scene, Sawyer was absolutely uncomfortable being nice to Claire.

Next we see Sawyer with Desmond, and they are hunting bore. Sawyer complains about being up so early, and Desmond wants to know why Sawyer wants to be his hunting buddy. Sawyer says because of politics and voters like bribes. Desmond shoots a bore, and that night the entire group is enjoying a fun pig roast, complete with Sawyer serving chunks of meat, which he personally marinated with DHARMA A1 (or Lea & Perrins, I cannot remember) and giving people beer and drinks.

Sawyer talks to Charlie about whether or not he has Charlie’s vote. Charlie laughs and says “when do we ever vote around here?” Sawyer goes to Hurley, and is upset that he was duped. Hurley tells him that he should be nicer to people, since he is the de facto leader of the group with Jack, Sayid, Locke, and Kate gone. Sawyer seems hesitant at first, but then Hurley says that people looked to him during Nikki and Paulo’s deaths, but Sawyer was stealing diamonds. Sawyer says he does not want to be the leader, but Hurley counters that neither did Jack. Could we see Sawyer emerge as the leader, as opposed to the rogue? What will happen when Jack gets back?

We also learned that the Others knew of the smoke monster, but they did not control it. Also explains what they needed the protective energy fields for. What is the smoke monster? I have heard people say that it is some kind of nano-bot creature controlled by the Others, but that does not seem right anymore.

Also, where does this leave Jack and Kate? Is there a new love triangle-Jack/Kate/Juliet? Or will she turn to Sawyer now? Next weeks episode has the return of Jack, and everyone, especially Sawyer, not being happy about Juliet. Sayid questions her, and she says “You would kill me if I told you everything I know.” Sayid responds, “What do you think I will do if you don’t?” That might be paraphrased.

2 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 315

  1. Interesting episode. Pretty lame flashback events. The “small world” coincidences on this show are gettin out of control. I guess its necessary for the sake of entertainment, but arent there like 6 billion people in the world? I dont strike up conversations with random people on the street unless I’m playing a persona, for my own amusement, or if they’re hot and I want to use random math related double entendres in order to talk dirty to them w/o them knowing. Again, for my own amusement. I can pretty much guarantee that if i took a plane to the south pacific right now and crashed somewhere theres no way i’d be connected, even by six degrees, to anyone on that plane.

    but anyways, concerning the show, why do people need a leader? i certainly dont. i barely even keep abreast of our own political leaders, be it on a national or a citywide level. unless theyre directly affecting something in my life, I leave them be. I’d be totally happy living in anarchy, as long as that anarchous society adheres to most of the 10 commandments (never mind anything related to envy. theres nothing wrong with coveting thy neighbors wife. in my utopia, there wouldnt be a problem with banging thy neighbors wife either). most people relate anarchy with disorder, when they are not actually connected. it carries that implication because thats how history has played out. in isolated locales like this island though, i dont think there would be many people trying to take advantage of the situation, mainly because there isnt any benefit to do so.

    dang it, i started ranting again. i’m gonna just stop typing now.

    p.s. – the smoke monster is obviously a being created by the resistance to stop skynet. the signs are all there…

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