Lost: Episode 316

I love great ending twists. This episode provided some small answers about Juliet, and also reunited Sayid, Jack, and Kate with the rest of the group. During the trek through the jungle, Sayid tries to question Juliet, she tells him that if she answers him, he will kill her. Jack comes to her rescue and says she is under his protection.

When they arrive back at the camp everyone greets and hugs Jack, even Sawyer gives him a man-hug and seems happy to see the Doc. Sawyer then spots Juliet and asks “what the hell is she doing here?”

The group meets over it, and Jack says he trusts her and that she was left on the island just like them. No one trusts her, and Hurley goes and talks to her while they talk. Claire comes over, and Charlie realizes she is getting sicker than she was earlier. She starts bleeding from the mouth.

Jack tries to figure out what is wrong with her. Juliet tells Kate that she knows what is wrong. She then explains to Kate and Jack that the injections they were giving Claire helped her have the baby, and that no women could have babies on the island. They all died. Problem is, Claire has developed a dependency on the drug. She says that Ethan had some stored near the caves. Jack tells her to go get it.

Once there, she retrieves the case, but is confronted by Sayid and Sawyer. They want to question her, but she says there is no time. She then turns things around on them. She asks Sayid if he told everyone about how many people he has actually tortured, about Basra? And then she asks Sawyer if he told everyone about killing a man in cold blood the night before he got on Flight 815. They let her go save Claire.

Once she returns, Jack tells her that if Claire dies, he will not be able to protect her. She says she is already on her own. Claire lives, and later Jack visits Juliet on the beach. He gives her a tarp, some blankets, and a pillow. He says she can put up camp where the lean-to is. She asks why he trusts her, and he tells her that when the sub exploded he saw into her eyes, and he could see that she wants to get off the island more than anyone. “That makes you just like us”, Jack says.

The flashback deals with Juliet coming to the island. When she gets to the secret airport, they give her a sedative because the trip is very bumpy. Ethan wakes her when they get there, and she steps out of the sub, onto the island. Ben greets her. Her work deals with bringing life where there should be none, basically. She was able to impregnate her sister after she became sterile from chemotherapy.

After another woman dies due to complications from pregnancy, we learn that no women on the island can give birth. Juliet wants to leave and see her sister. Ben tells her that her sister will die because she has cancer, but if Juliet stays, he will cure her cancer. She agrees.

After three years of being on the island, she confronts Ben about him having a tumor, which freaks Ben out because no one is supposed to get cancer on the island. She flips out because she thinks Ben lied about her sister. After the plane crashes, Ben takes Juliet to Mikhail, who has a monitoring station at his pad. Ben wants him to get every bit of information about every single person on-board. He then shows Juliet her sister and Julien, her nephew.

At the end of the episode, the final flashback shows Ben and Juliet talking. She says how she is supposed to drag Kate into the jungle, handcuff herself to her. If she is caught in her lie, she is supposed to tell her she thought it was the only way she could get Kate to trust her.

Juliet then says that no one will trust her in the group, except for Jack. Ben says that they will activate the implant in Claire, and at the time Juliet arrives she will be in time to save the day. Ben tells her that they will leave meds at Ethan’s old drop point. Ben then says that he will see her in a week.

Whoa, what is her diabolical plan??? The previews for next week look crazy. Ladies, enjoy the picture of Jack, I feel bad that I always put up pictures of hot chicks. Okay, no I don’t.

6 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 316

  1. I thought the episode was pretty awesome. i’m usually the one that likes surprises in my entertainment – i never try to “guess the twist” in m.night or chris nolan movies, or any movies for that matter. i just find it so much more enjoyable when the twist does its job.

    So in this episode i was resigned to the fact that juliet had been screwed over. i even began wondering how many episodes they could possibly have after this one if she eventually reveals all the secrets. so i was decidedly flabbergasted when the truth came out.

    being that her presence is a lie, is it possible that some events in her flashbacks could also be lies?

  2. Some further points of note I read elsewhere:

    – isn’t sun pregnant at the moment? whats gonna happen w/ that?
    – wasn’t alex born on the island? (dont remember if she actually was or not, but if she was, does that make rousseau divine?)

  3. I do not think the flashbacks would be lies, since it is not really them telling a flashback, but we are seeing what has made her into the hardened bitch that she is, she just wants to get home to see her sister. she will do whatever ben asks in order to get home.

    plus, i am guessing, she really believes in whatever work they are doing on the island.

    yeah, i think Sun is pregnant. Wasn’t Ben born on the island? I thought he told Locke that…not sure though, so it seems babies can be born on the island, i guess we just need to wait to fully learn what the big problem is, we are just getting small hints right now.

  4. hello hello! how are you doing?

    i need to rent lost from netflix to see what all the fuss is about. i have been renting six feet under for the moment.

    good to see you again!

  5. Six Feet Under was a good show, although after awhile it just seemed to drag on. I would recommend renting Lost, I have the first two seasons on DVD and they were definitely worth the money.

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