Lost: Episode 317

I am going to start off the recap by talking about Desmond’s flashback, then the main story, if that is okay with everyone. What’s that? I can do whatever I want, well then alright.

Desmond used to be in a monastery. Yeah, he was a monk, or at least a monk in training. After succeeding in his vow of silence, he becomes a brother and starts helping bottle the wine they make.

One day some dude comes to the monastery and punches Des in the nose, which makes the other monks a bit suspicious. Des goes to the house of the guy and talks to some girl, who it turns out was his fiance. One night he got drunk and woke up in the street and a monk asked him if he needed help, and Des believed it to be a calling from god. Needless to say the chick is pissed and tells him that he is a coward.

Later Des is drinking some wine and being an ass and his boss monk tells him that he is being fired. That maybe this was just a stop on the way to his true calling. The next day, Desmond is helping load cases of wine into a truck. The monk tells Des that he can get a ride into town if he helps unload the wine. Guess who the driver/buyer is? Penny.

Main Story
Desmond has a flashback of him, Jin, Hurley, and Charlie in the jungle during a rainstorm. They are looking for someone who crashed in a helicopter. Charlie steps on a trip wire, and gets hit in the throat with an arrow.

Desmond wakes up and tries to recreate the entire flashback. They go camping on the beach, they see the helicopter. And, they go off in search of the pilot. Unfortunately, he will not tell Charlie about the arrow. As Charlie steps on the wire, Desmond decides to save him, which pisses Charlie off. Charlie is upset that Des knew about it, but waited. Des explains that he did not want anything to change, that he thinks Penny was the pilot (since inside the pack they found was a picture of Penny and Desmond.) They find the pilot, and she is alive, but when Desmond pulls off the helmet, it is another woman, but she sees Desmond and says his name.

Minor Story
While this is going on, Kate is eating dinner and tries to talk to Jack, but he takes his food and eats with Juliet, and they are having a grand old time. Kate goes to Sawyer’s tent and has sex with him.

The next day, Sawyer challenges Jack to ping-pong. Sawyer is beating Jack, and very excited about how he can finally beat Jack at something. It’s great to see these two getting along, ping-pong is the universal friendship maker, Jerry Seinfeld had that bit in the show about how he would have been friends with Hitler (I think he said Hitler, or was it Stalin?) if he had a ping-pong table.

Anyways, Sawyer figures out that Kate had sex with him because she was upset about Jack and Juliet, and he tells Kate that she does not need to use him, she just has to ask. It’s cute that Sawyer loves Kate so much. Although what will happen when Juliet betrays the group and Jack realizes he was a complete ass to Kate?

Obviously flying craft do not fair well coming to the island, why else would the Others use a sub. Oh but wait, didn’t someone airdrop food in one episode to the hatch? Weird.