Lost: Episode 318

Well this episode answered a question that we debated earlier before, what was meant by “pregnant women die on this island.” Juliet helps Sun, and as before Juliet continues to prove a very complex character.

Jack starts asking Sun questions about her pregnancy, which makes Sun suspicious. Kate tells her about what Juliet told her and Jack, and Sun goes to talk to Juliet. Juliet tells her that pregnant women die on the island. Later in the night, Juliet wakes Sun up and tells her that she wants to take her to a medical facility and do an ultrasound to find out when the baby was conceived.

Sun wants to know why Juliet would help her. Juliet explains that before she came to the island, when she told women they were pregnant, they were happy, but after losing 9 women in 3 years, finding out they were pregnant was a death sentence. Sun breaks down and says that if she conceived before the island, then it’s not Jin’s, but Jin was sterile, Juliet said the island produces 5 times more sperm in men than normal.

They trek to the facility that Kate and Claire went to, and Juliet goes into a secret room. She performs the ultrasound, and they find the baby to be quite healthy. Unfortunately for Sun, the baby is only 57 days old, so it is Jin’s, and she is most likely going to die.

Sun goes outside, and Juliet comes back to close everything up, she grabs a recorder and leaves Ben a message about Sun’s baby and that soon she will examine Kate. After she stops the recorder she says “I hate you” to Ben. As I have said, Juliet is a complex character, she hates Ben, but she knows she is doing important work, and that it is more important than the lives of a few, and that figuring out the problem is the only way she can leave.

They try to help the chick who fell from the sky, but she is hurt badly. She says something in Spanish, which Hurley translates to “I’m dying.” Then out of nowhere Mikhail runs out of the jungle.

He takes off running again, and Jin chases him. They fight, Mikhail is pretty tough, but Jin breaks free and knocks the crap out of him with a spin kick. Then Desmond sticks a flare gun to his chest. Mikhail tells them he can help her, and proceeds to fix the stick in her lung. After she is healed, Desmond agrees to let Mikhail go, must against Charlie’s protests. Desmond says that it seems like the Losties have killed more Others than the other way around.

It is easy to sometimes forget that Desmond is not part of the group, and now we have another chick who is not part of the group. She better be hot.

This was a Sun flashback, about when she and Jin first got married. A woman bribes Sun for $100,000, or she will tell everyone that Jin’s father was a dirty fisherman and that his mother was a prostitute.

After some investigating Sun finds out that Jin’s father is still alive and goes to see him. He knows about their marriage and is happy for Jin and understands why Jin would say he was dead. He also explains that Jin think’s his mother is dead and he must never find out that is not true.

Sun goes to her father and asks for the money, and says that it is to protect Jin from great shame. He gives it to her, but says that Jin will now work for him. This is how Jin started working for him as an enforcer.

Jin finds the money and Sun lies about what it is for, and he tells her that he will provide for her and to give it back to her father. Sun sees Jin’s mom and tells her that if she ever comes back, or that she tries to make herself known to Jin, Sun will make her death a reality.

Anyways, I really liked the episode, but I did have one small problem. Inside the medical hatch, there is this secret room. Why? I thought the DHARMA people built the hatches, and the Others were not the same people. Why would you have a secret lab inside a lab? It’s not like you are performing secret experiments, everything is a secret experiment. That just seemed weird to me. Anyone else have any thoughts on it.