Opening Day

Today is my favorite day of the year. Baseball season is upon us. Right now the Pirates are tied for the NL Central lead, and it will probably only last for about a day, but who cares.

I have been watching games since 1 o’clock. These are some of the funny things I have heard/saw.

Different announcers talking about strike-outs. Giambi and Howard both strike out a lot, but nowhere near as much as Adam Dunn. Oddly enough Dunn hit a homerun in the first inning of the Reds/Cubs game, it would be great if he broke Bonds’ record, and still struck out 175 times.

Kruk making fun of the Devil Rays because they are not that good and then they score four runs to take the lead over the Yankees. They do it by hitting singles, stealing bases, and being extremely fast. All Kruk can keep saying is “they may not win a lot of games, but they will be fun to watch.” What an idiot…

Braves 2B Kelly Johnson, drops a flyball. I love early season errors, they make me giggle. Also, ARod commits an error, but no one will mention that Jeter committed one as well. Actually the Yankees looked pretty bad in the field all together.

The Pirates play the Astros tonight. Zach Duke versus Roy Oswalt.