The Shield: Episode 601

The first episode of the new season started off with a bang. It starts off right after Lem’s funeral. Vic, Ronnie, and Shane (the bastard who actually killed Lem) are discussing finding Guardo and killing him.

Dutch has been assigned the task of finding Lem’s killer, which he believes is Guardo. Unfortunately Cavanaugh still wants Vic and believes that Vic either killed Lem or hired the Salvadorians to do it.

Meanwhile, the guys are investigating someone who is burning methadone clinics. They also learn that Cavanaugh made up the story about Lem cutting a second deal, which causes Shane to consider suicide. They find the guy who is burning down methadone clinics and he has hostages. One of the hostages is a baby, and Shane does a very crazy thing. He hears the baby crying and the guy is going to kill it. Shane takes off his vest and gone and tells the guy to trade his life for the babies, that the baby is crying because of the gasoline fumes (which the nutjob has poured on the hostages). Shane then dumps gas on himself and as he goes inside, Vic dives through the window and tackles him. They bring the guy down, but Vic is shot in the arm. Luckily it is just a scratch.

Cavanaugh gets the chick from last season who was both his informant and Vic’s to say that Vic forced her to get Guardo to kill Lem, that she supplied Guardo with where Lem would be. Dutch is sent to question Vic and he does not handle it well. Vic visits Cavanaugh at home and tells him that he knows he got her to lie, and that now Cavanaugh is playing on his side of the fence. Vic idly threatens him by saying that “maybe I am a cop-killer, and you’re a cop.”

Vic goes to see Corin and his children, while he is there Cavanaugh breaks into Vic’s place and starts planting evidence. He looks in the mirror and you start to think maybe he will change or realize that he is turning into Vic, but instead he says “nothing personal.”

So much more happened this episode, but that is what I felt like focusing on. Let me know if you watched it, and what you thought. I cannot see how Vic can get out of this unless Shane comes forward or kills himself and leaves a letter to Cavanaugh. I guess they could kill Cavanaugh, but some other IAD Officer would pick up the case. Honestly, if you have never seen the show, you are missing out.

4 thoughts on “The Shield: Episode 601

  1. Ya know why i havent seen the show?
    waaaaaaaaaay too much backstory missed. theres no way id be able to follow half the subplots.i hear theyre still referencing things that happened in the pilot. ah well, i hear its good.

    thats why more shows should stop being so serialized. shows these days only lose viewers over time because no new ones are gonna jump on without knowing what the heck is goin on. thats why i think that lost is only gettin 1 more year. thats why law and order is so infinitely watchable.

  2. Yes, they backstory is long, but really the main thing that happened in the pilot, is the only thing you need to know.

    you see, Vic and Shane shot Terry Crowley, who was placed on their unit to turn them in to the justice department because they were dirty cops. it has haunted Vic ever since that he actually killed a cop.

    the entire series hinges on Vic’s morality. he and denzel’s character in Training Day are similar, yet very different. They both have the attitude that “They are breaking the law in order to benefit the greater good.” The difference is, denzel’s character says it, but his actions only benefit himself. Vic actually does plenty of good as a cop, sometimes he breaks the rules in order to make it happen…

    Anyways, I think you could jump onto this show, the beginning of each episode has a nice recap that brings you upto speed, which sucks if you watch week in and week out because like 24, you just want to get to the action.

    Lost will get more than one year, as long as the ratings stay where they are right now. last time i checked, it is averaging about 13 million per week. not the greatest, but not too bad considering that the show is an odd mix of sci-fi and fantasy and all sorts of other genres.

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